Contact Us

Feel free to contact us about the following:
  • Interested in having Jeff come speak at your event, workshop or organization
  • Have questions about the life coaching process and availability
  • Interested in becoming a guest writer for the blog
  • General questions
Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours!
Thank You!
Give Your Gift. Life With Power!

One response to “Contact Us

  1. Hey jeff , my name is John Wolfe. I use Bromeo as my blogging alias. I just opened up my blog yesterday with one post so far , but id love you to give it a read and give me your two cents. i love the list and what you are doing here it fantastic brother keep it up. i will be purchasing my domain today id imagine. please keep an eye out for me and my blog, revolutionizing the game brother, changing the world! lets do work make magic Go HAM!!

    -John Wolfe aka Bromeo Googanheimer

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