8 Real and Powerful Positive Thinking Exercises to Motivate Yourself!

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Positive Thinking Exercises

Motivational and Positive Thinking Exercises

What if our motivation was automated? What if no matter how tired, frustrated or depleted we are; we can find a way to make it happen.

How can we create systems to achieve what we want, give what we want and become who we want.

Here are 8 real and powerful Positive Thinking Exercises to motivate yourself!

It’s not all about you

Help motivate someone else. Reach out to people through email, Facebook , phone or face to face. Listen closely to someone. Odds are they will bring up something they are struggling to do or get through. Give them some time, words and energy that will help them push through it.

Position yourself to win

Set yourself up for success. What are 2-3 small victories you can accomplish right now to build momentum? What is something really small, but deeply meaningful?Always focus on your outcome. When things start to appear thick, rough and ugly, or when you start to feel frustrated at the speed of things or people, and events disappoint you – refocus on your outcome.

Slow down

Take breaks from working. Put on some music and dance. Motion produces emotion. Go for a walk. Walk away and then come back, fresh and refreshed.

Appreciate You

Don’t be afraid to reward yourself. Many times we get caught chasing the big fish, and we forget to savor every bite of the small one. Enjoy and celebrate your journey.

Stimulate your senses

Watch a motivational video on YouTube to inject passion and energy where there is none!

Get to the core

Write down 7 things you need to do and then cross off 4. Choosing the 3 most relevant “Need to Do” things will make the load feel lighter and have you focus on the essentials.

What you want

Always focus on your outcome. When things start to appear thick, rough and ugly, or when you start to feel frustrated at the speed of things or people, and events disappoint you – refocus on your outcome.


Turn your outcome into a mission. Many people know what they want, but aren’t sure on WHY they want it. Make your WHY clear. Make your WHY massive.

Please remember to leave a comment below! Let us know how these Positive Thinking Exercises can fit into your life!

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Positive Thinking Exercises

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Positive Thinking Exercises

42 responses to “8 Real and Powerful Positive Thinking Exercises to Motivate Yourself!

  1. This is valuable and meaningful for me because I am working toward a goal, and recently it became apparent that I would need to scale back and work three times as slowly. But this doesn’t mean I won’t get there. I am still going to achieve my dreams. Just a lot slower than I originally planned.

  2. Great post Jeff! One question–do you mean outcome as in “goal” or outcome as in “results?” Perhaps it’s just a matter of semantics, but it made me think of the quote, “We have control over our labor, not the fruits of our labor.” I’ve always thought is was more fulfilling and less anxious to concentrate on the input (over which we do have control), rather than the results (over which we do not have control). I’d love you to hear your thoughts? These are fantastic motivational tips–great post!

    • Thanks for your thoughts and it’s a great question. I mean, focus on what you want to see, do and have. Focus on your goal. Focus on the prize. Our results lead us to it. Whether it’s a positive result or not, it’s just a result – and ultimately all of our results just bring us closer to our goal, because we are always learning from them. When our doubts creep in, when other people let us down and don’t believe in us…it is our goals, our dreams and our vision that will help us move forward, at whatever speed that might be! Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks Jeff ! I’ve had possibly the hardest year of my life ! I’m a professional ballet dancer who has struggled with an injury and then I had surgery and I’ve been fighting for a year to get over it , I’m finally back into ballet classes fighting to be better than before , it’s been so up and down for me with many tears and I have days where I don’t want to do anything as it seems it’s never ending and I hate feeling like that ! I always use to push myself no matter what , I think it’s been hard being at home this whole time not having my independence takes a toll and I’ve been on my own for a whole year really as I haven’t been with my friends in the dance environment , I’m facing an audition in April which I’m aiming for and I just hope I can make it !! Your posts always help me when I feel low , thank you !! Sorry if this is to long )) just wanted to share my story )) x izzy

    • Izzy, I’m so happy you decided to share your story! I love your fight! I know you are doing things daily to prepare you for the audition!! Let me know how it goes!! Stay strong!!

  4. I was sitting at my laptop after a morning of work feeling shattered!! No motivation to even make a cup of tea, so I left my laptop… went for a walk then a little dance, came back clicked back on my laptop and yours is the first blog I see…. what a coincidence… I’m gonna write things down and check them off. Thank you


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