8 Powerful Ways To Immediately Increase Your Confidence!


How do I increase my confidence? I am asked that question all the time by people who want to do great things, by people who want to tie loose ends on small things – but when it comes down to it, they lack the level of confidence needed to push through!

Confidence is the absolute key to your success, growth, achievement and contribution. Believing we can do it, is one of the biggest motivating factors in our lives.

Here are 8 Powerful Ways To Immediately Increase Your Confidence!

What have you already done?

Focus on what you have accomplished in the past. Remember vividly what you did that was great and how it made you feel. Make the memory as detailed as possible

Look the part

Dress to impress. Make a commitment to your presentation. Dress in a way that makes you feel like a winner, all the time. Be your future you…now.

Praise Others

Constantly and genuinely, compliment other people. Show and give love, relentlessly. Make others feel great about themselve, and see what it does for your own self-image.

Think about where you started

Focus on  all the progress you have made and not how far you need to go. Be thankful and excited by all that you have been able to do!

Stand Tall

Have outstanding posture. Look people in the eye. Stand straight up. Face people when you speak to them. Take deep breaths before responding. Walk around like you are changing the world and a lotto winner, at the same time!

Motion creates emotion

Get moving. Exercise is imperative to confidence and it might even be the fastest way to increasing your confidence levels.

Give ___________

What can you give to other people? How can you make someone else’s life better? Focus on what you can give to others and how it will make them feel.

Show the world your smile

Practice smiling. Yes, practice smiling. Go out of your way to walk around with your teeth showing. Do you know how difficult it is to smile and feel insecure, anxious and depressed? Almost impossible. Let the world see your beautiful smile, ALL THE TIME. No really…ALL THE TIME!

Please remember to leave a comment below! Let us know how these ideas can fit into your life!

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12 responses to “8 Powerful Ways To Immediately Increase Your Confidence!

  1. Real powerful ways to increase my confidence. Anytime am feeling down, I dress my best and this really uplifts my mind.
    I have already started smiling – all the time.


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