26 responses to “You Too Can Become Great!

  1. Great message Jeff. A reminder for all of us how important it is to surround yourself with good people. We choose what to feed our mind and our heart. I regularly choose to feed mine Everyday Power Blog! Take care!!

  2. This is so so true. I used to have such little self esteem, but I was approached and asked to apply the the position of Area Manager when I had no managerial experience. I thought there is no way I could do it, the role was just too big, I wouldn’t be capable, people wouldn’t take me seriously. Other people laughed and said there was no way I would get it. People who went for the role thought it was a joke. But my boss believed in me. I went for it, got it, and 2 years later I’m still doing it. He pushed me and continues to push me. My boss is my rock and with his support my confidence has increased ten fold. And you know what? I do great! My boss is leaving now and I will soon get a new manager but that doesn’t deter me anymore. Bring it on!!

  3. Sometimes, I get affected by negative things thrown at me, but good thing there are much more positive things that outweighs the negatives. More so, I have a lot of positive people who keeps on associating with me. I am thankful and thanks for this reminder.

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  5. Sometimes being small is good too. Does having a ferrari make you great?

    I believe great is a set of attitudes. Greatness definitely isn’t about being rich.

    • Tom I agree completely and I think it starts with how you define great. For me, greatness is when lives are better because of an individual. Greatness is when someone has unlocked the combination that combines their passion and service. That’s when I believe you are living greatness. Being small is fine too, if you are great at it! 😉 And I’m sure we can both smile at the fact that greatness is not for sale; which is why a ferrari is not even in the equation. Thank you for sharing that!


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