Encouraging Thoughts – No One Can Stop You!

Encouraging Thoughts how to stop negative thoughts

Encouraging Thoughts

Motivational and Encouraging Thoughts

A learner’s mind is the most powerful mind! When we focus on what we can learn from each scenario, challenge and opportunity; we are literally programming ourselves for success, growth and progress. Here are some encouraging thoughts:
Live with power by committing to learn!
Show the world your greatness by learning how to best use your talents!
Learn how to develop your talents into skills!
Give your gift by learning how to best serve others!
No one can stop you!
No one!

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Encouraging Thoughts empowering self development

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Encouraging Thoughts

28 responses to “Encouraging Thoughts – No One Can Stop You!

  1. What a powerful message. This is exactly what growth is..learning about who you are and the life that we all go through with a very unique message for each of us on this journey that when learned does not repeat and that we can share.,..Same but different.

      • hahaha. I swear the was not there this morning !!!.. Thanks 🙂 re-bloggggggged 🙂 with;

        It is true. You have the power inside you to keep going and move forward. IT does not matter how quickly or slowly this moves along, just as long as it does. Find the things you love and learn more about them. Do not allow others to judge your abilities, that is for you to determine.

  2. When I have a powerful post like this from Jeff to share with my gentle followers and my humble mind on a monday morning, I can’t but help do so!

    When I read and fell the power in Jeff’s words and works, I am more than determined to learn.

    Yes, no one is stopping me because I am fired up and this week is a special one too. We can all choose to work hard for four days and spend Friday – Val’s day, loving ourselves and our ‘families’ more.

    Yes, I would learn and learn hard I will; yes I would dare to teach and teach humbly and modestly. I will teach how right and noble it is to keep learning and with increased determination.

    Thank you Jeff!

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