2 Systems For Achieving Your Goals


Which one of these systems speaks to you most? Which one do you think will actually work the best? Are you currently using any of these systems or steps?

There are a couple of schools of thought on the issue of goal setting and attainment. At the core, one school of thought would say that we are the most happy and excited about life when we are actively pursuing what makes us feel alive. While on the other hand, many believe that true happiness is when we are pursuing nothing, and at peace with what we have.

What do you think?

Similarly, one school of thought says that in order to achieve anything, you must go with the flow of life and keep your eyes on the prize. While another school of thought says you create the flow of your life, and your flow is determined by your focus, enthusiasm and commitment.

What do you think?

While creating a meaningful and exciting life for ourselves, our family and for others; do we go with the flow of life? Or do we take a more active measure in creating it? Or, do we find a way to do both?

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36 responses to “2 Systems For Achieving Your Goals

  1. Excellent post Jeff.
    I believe that a combination of both of these strategies should be used. Starting with an attitude of gratitude for the things that we have, keeps us grounded and allows us to be patient as we take the necessary steps toward reaching our next milestone.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. I am currently SLACKING. I know better but have not written anything since the new year. I bought a planner last night and plan to use my day off tomorrow to write out my goals/plans/wishes in life. This post is…as always…on time. XX

  3. Hm, as much as I believe that daily affirmations and focusing on the end goal are important, I’m definitely more of a “mental toughness” girl! I like to write down my goals, set up tasks and work through things in order to achieve the goals I set for myself, all the while staying positive about the end result.
    Perhaps it works differently for everyone, or perhaps the ideal would be a combination of both systems!
    In any case, thanks for posting this, it really got me thinking!

  4. I am trying to find a way to juggle it both ways but I coming for you Jeff, eleven days to go. I need all the help I can afford right now. Than you so much

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  7. I am continuously reading your posts, Jeff. I am highly thankful to you for all the power you give me. I am gonna get my goals soon achieved through your devices


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