Life Is Simple!

Life Is Simple!


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15 responses to “Life Is Simple!

  1. Ok Jeff, well I gave you a headstart, but watch out, the game isn’t over yet!! Good luck, I hope it’s a close match and we both break records for the high score!!!

      • Absolutely! I’ve recently started my blog, but I’ve been growing and reading and prepping myself to share this positivity with others since I was a child. The moment arrived, I acknowledged it, and started my ‘formal’ path – blog, books, speaking, helping. Now the goal is to touch and positively influence as many lives as possible!! Thanks for your inspiration!! Game Time!!!!

  2. This statement is so true. My life only became a success AFTER, I surrendered and started worrying more about the people around me than myself. Life has become so beautiful and rich now that I have learned that in order to succeed, I need to be willing to bulid up everyone around me. Because when I am lifting them up, I can only go up myself!

  3. I have few followers and even less response to what I pour my heart and soul into every time I post. However, I am not one who will quit ‘Three Feet From Gold’. If I can inspire even one person, I am truly grateful. If I can inspire myself in the process, that makes two of us who will persevere.

  4. This is beautiful and inspirational! I am on the brink of following my dreams and your blog is so helpful. Keep up the beautiful and great work!

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