I don’t have time to…

I don't have time for...

How we use our time is up to us. Use it in ways that makes you feel loved, in control and in sync!



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  1. Jeff, you are spot on with this one. This will be a new mantra for me. Love it, great one! For those of you who have not worked with Jeff, take him up on his offer for a free session! I did and I so happy with my experience. Jeff ROCKED IT for an hour with me and got me to focus right in on my most important goals. His caring and straight forward approach is refreshing, inspirational and motivational. I had my own first “coaching” class this evening. I was confident and able to motivate my own team by using some of the guidance I learned from Jeff during our session. Thank you again, Jeff! 🙂

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    I don’t have time indeed. Life is short, death is sure, time is unpredictable. Why would I waste whatever i have hating? I choose to Love and live happily. I prefer to wake being grateful for yet the another moment of time to do my best and leave an impact so that where I to run out of time and hence wake up no more, my love and deeds will live on timelessly.

  3. This is just what I needed. I’m still reeling from something that happened a few days ago, but this will definiitely help me get over it. Thanks

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