Just Get Started!


You don’t need anyone else to believe in your dream to get your dream off the ground. Have no expectations. Stop expecting people to be just as excited for you, as you are! Stop looking for people to believe in you for you to get started! Start where you are with what you have! Start small. Enjoy the journey! And people will believe in you tremendously when they see you have enough belief in yourself to make it happen! It starts with you! Get started!



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10 responses to “Just Get Started!

  1. Reblogged this on Marie Abanga's Blog and commented:
    I remember when I decided to start blogging.

    That is not long ago actually but well, it has been pretty much going on since then in terms of what I have done, learnt, failed to do and above all else, all I have met.

    I just knew it would be good for me to do it and hopefully it would be yet another avenue for my overall mission which is to be an inspiration and motivation to my generation.

    Well, I just got one or two lame encouragements and sure several sarcastic and hopefully discouraging comments from both “friends and foes”.

    What did I do? Of course just what Jeff, advices us to do and that is: I Just Got Started!

    So my message to all is, get started, keep going, and don`t give up!

  2. There’s someone out there who could take your dreams and your fears and start right from where you are right now, exactly where you are with all the obstacles, all the road blocks, all the worries, and all doubts and make it. But we don’t need them, because we have you.

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