“If you do 3 small things…”

“If you do 3 small things a day to reach your goal, whatever it is – just 3 small things! Thats over 1,000 things by this time next year! It’s not possible, it’s more than possible. And with the right mindset it’s inevitable! Make it happen! I believe!” -Jeffrey I. Moore


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19 responses to ““If you do 3 small things…”

  1. Totally agree! I love this concept of three things per day, I have shared this idea with many people over the years. The other one I like is listing (in the planner/journal) the three achievements at the end of each day. This keeps us focused on daily actions towards our goal – instead of onerous tasks.

  2. It is so true! Tiny things everyday makes a huge difference! I’m trying to instate the “sort something for 15 minutes everyday” in my life. It’s tough getting started though but 15 minutes or a tiny little thing is so much easier to focus on!

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