Everyday Power’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2013


It has been an amazing year of growth for Everyday Power Blog and it’s message, based on the overwhelming response from all of you AMAZING READERS! Based on the page views, comments, shares & reblogs, here are the most popular posts from 2013!
More Power To You All!
1. The Top 5 Words To Delete From Your Vocabulary – Find out which words are blocking your gift and greatness, and why!
2.  5 Bob Marley Quotes To Live By – See which 5 quotes from this musical legend and political activist made the list. Also, see how you can incorporate them into your life!
3. The Success Indicator – How do you measure up? What are some behaviors you can do more of? Which ones can you let go of?
4. Be The Type of Person You Want To Meet – Whether you are looking to make a celebrity friend, or meet the love of your life – get fired up to embody all the characteristics you desire!
5. 3 Sings of Great, Long Lasting Friendship – What makes good friends, outstanding?
6. How Much Everyday Power Do You Have? – When you wake up every day and face the world; will you be the victor or the victim?
7. 3 Steps Towards Personal Empowerment – 3 practical steps you can take to regain your confidence and power, in today’s world?
8. 2 Reasons Why People Don’t Take Risks – We might think it’s more complicated; but it really boils down to TWO reasons.
9. 3 Reasons Why Monday Should Be Your Favorite Day of the Week – Get the competitive edge by making Monday your most productive and purpose-driven day!
10. 2 Reasons to Love Stress – Stress is not all bad. The right kind of stress will have you more energetic, focused and productive!
11. 3 Types of People You Should Have in Your Circle – These three types of people will help take your life to the next level!
12. 4 Reasons to Never Quit – Whenever you feel like quitting…read this!
13. 25 Tips to Improve Your Life – How many are you doing already? Which ones should you do now?
1. About Jeff – Find out more about Jeff, and what drives him.
2. 1 On 1 Coaching – Find out how working with Jeff can take you confidence, career and contribution to the next level!
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Thanks again for an amazing year!
With love and Respect,
Jeffrey I. Moore

P.S. Please feel free to tell us which Blog Post from 2013 was your favorite!!!!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman


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  1. Happy New Year, Jeff! I reread some of these posts today, and I love #8 and #12. All the best in 2014! Keep up that positive energy and great enthusiasm!

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