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    • Jenny O, I’ve got a ton! But to start heres one. When working on change, improvements, achievement, contribution or whatever you desire to change; focus on your why. What drives you, what will move you…what do you have to tell yourself to make it happen. 1A, make your why bigger than you. For example, I don’t work out to have a six pack, I work out to be healthy, strong and present for all the people that need me. I work out to set the example for my family and friends for what is possible with their health and energy levels. Another example; when I was teaching I would love to ask fellow teachers why they taught. The average teacher would say, “I teach math because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but I always liked numbers”. The extraordinary teacher would say, “I teach kids math because numbers make the world go around, and by making kids math literate I am changing the world one kid at a time!” What’s your why? Let me know if that helps!

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