How to be More Positive – Giving ALL the Love You Have

affirmation quotes optimistic How to be More Positive

How to be More Positive

Learn How to be More Positive

See it’s easy to give some love and some time. Or a little time and energy, matched with a little love. Or sometimes a nice gift or item and no love at all. All of those things are easy.
None of those things will REALLY change and teach you how to be more positive or shape a positive experience for someone else or yourself.
Let the holidays remind you how important it is to give LOVE. See most people view love like time, money or even energy. But love is not finite. It is better compared to a candle. A lit candle can light tens, hundreds and even thousands of more candles, without its own light, warmth and fire ever being diminished. Our love is the same way.
No matter how much love we give, we have more love to give, our source for love is infinite. And it is very important that we understand and believe that.
I once heard Marianne Williamson say, “The only thing missing from any circumstance, dispute or disagreement is the love we are willing to give it.”
Go OUT OF YOUR WAY, to give the gift of love when it’s not easy; when your frustrated and when you feel like it is worthless. Practice giving so much love, that it becomes who you are and how you naturally approach life, people and even problems. What kind of shift would that make for your experience? And for the experience we give to others? Practice giving so much love that you could never go back to not having enough time, energy or resources to give love. Be love.
The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to others, is our gift of endless love. It is not ever a sign of weakness, and will not make you a doormat. It will make you magnanimous, large and even admired by some of the people closest to you (even if they don’t tell you! ;-). Be a living example of all that is meaningful and phenomenal in this world and you will learn how to be more positive in your life.
With great love, appreciation and respect; I wish you all a Happy Holidays, regardless of what your beliefs are. Thank you all for being deeply valued readers for this growing blog and movement.
More Power to you all!
With love,
Jeffrey I. Moore

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How to be More Positive

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  1. I thought it would be fun today to visit each person who follows me and wish you a Happy New Year. 😀 Thanks for your inspiring words. Your post is very uplifting.

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