Thinking Into Your Destiny


Everyday Power is all about reclaiming the power of your mind and your attitude, to be able to reclaim the power of your life. Everyday!
Build momentum. Start small. But be aware that small things are big things. Choose your thoughts the same way you choose your clothes, or choose your food, or choose your friends. Choose the thoughts that bring you closer to your best self, they will bring you closer to your dreams.
When I work with people who are struggling to take control of their thoughts and emotions, I always let them know that the very first step is to forgive. Forgive yourself for not taking control of your thoughts for the past 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 years or even 20 years. That is now behind us. The most important thing is what you do NOW.
Research and experience will tell us that the next step is to create a long-term vision of ourselves. When we create a vision for ourselves, when we define our worth; we have injected purpose into our lives. Our purpose will create a sense of urgency and command us to take full responsibility for our thoughts. Which is completely liberating!

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25 responses to “Thinking Into Your Destiny

  1. I love this quote. It feels good to receive positive reinforcement. The internet is a blessing. Even if you’re not surrounded by as many positive people as you would like, you can find them online 🙂

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  4. Thank you Jeff, I reblogged this as I do several other of your soulful posts and I said that although it may seem an obvious and logical thing to do always, it is easier said than done hence the need for inspiration and reminders like this. Your Blog is my daily port of call and I really get power from here!

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