It hurts me when…

It hurts me when people have a favorite TV show, but don’t have a favorite book. It’s hurts me even more when people watch ‘reality’ TV, but have no vision for their own life. -Jeffrey I. Moore



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39 responses to “It hurts me when…

  1. Well as for me, I don’t have a favorite TV Show nor watch reality TV, My life is my favorite show and book and I am working each day with the help of you all to define and concretize my vision!

  2. I agree with you to a point. But who is to say that a really well made TV show isn’t as rewarding or stimulating as a book? We can’t all be well read people.

  3. A favorite book is like an old friend you enjoy spending time with again and again. My favorite book is one I reread every few years and get something new out of every time. It’s The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis

  4. Words I truly agree with. It’s more important to know our person before knowing the whole world and having a favorite book can help us to reconnect with our person.

    • Hey James! I am a teacher as well, and one of the biggest challenges I have found is trying to help kids find the joy in reading. Which can be very tricky, BUT POSSIBLE! Cheers to you for fighting the good fight! What’s a mitochondria again?? 🙂

  5. Mr. Jeff Moore you are definitely an inspiration. Keep up the great work and you million is coming…then million more…
    However, what you say is so true. I remind my students everyday about the importance of reading.

  6. It seems that parents throughout the generations have ensured their children’s lives would be much easier than their own. Unfortunately, it is to the point of absolute laziness, mind numbing drivel, and ignorance. The only way to change things is to increase the conflict, because through conflict we we grow & learn. Parents need to stop allowing the government to train up their children and taking up that gauntlet once again. Parents need to show their children a relationship with God and teach them morals.

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