The Biggest Challenge in Becoming Successful


Is success all about what you know? Or is it, who you know? What role does perseverance play? How about integrity and commitment? What about guts? How about heart?
The most successful people in the world were not necessarily the smartest or the most educated, when they got started. Over time and with experience they might have become they best in their field – of course. But that’s that necessary to get started.
And it’s all about getting started!
What they do have, what we all have in us if we summon it – is heart.
Heart, meaning the intestinal fortitude to keep going when we have seen no results. The heart to keep going and keep believing even when we have run out of money, exhausted our resources and when people have let us down, again and again.
This is when our heart gets put to the test.
What can we do, to maintain our heart though the thickest and heaviest of circumstances.
We must remember why we started in the first place.
We must remember who we are doing this for.
We must remember how our lives and the lives of others will be better off.
We must remember that if we don’t follow our dreams, then a part of us dies while living.
Spend plenty of time gaining knowledge, watching videos, going to conferences, and creating empowering networks.
Spending equal time developing your heart, the muscle to will yourself through the toughest of times – the times where you feel like quitting and giving up.
Develop the heart of a champion.
Develop the heart that you want to be remembered for!

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33 responses to “The Biggest Challenge in Becoming Successful

  1. Extremely well put Jeff… a wonderfully empowering and accurate assessment of the focus and determination required to achieve great things. As I have been known to say… ‘measure your success by what you gave up to achieve it.’ When there is doubt all around you, it is especially imperative to have the heart of a lion!

  2. Reblogged this on principalaim and commented:
    What does it mean to be a successful person? This is a very important question with many different answers to the question depending on who you ask. I believe the mark of true success is being true to who you are no matter what others’ opinion may be. When reading Jeff Moore’s Everyday Power Blog, I knew I’d found a definition for success that matches mine completely because I believe in order to be true to yourself (to truly know yourself) you have to know your own heart. With permission from Jeff, I am sharing his original blog with all of you. tlb

  3. Uplifting, encouraging and enriching!
    Although quite a short one, I really appreciate and thanks for your contribution, it helps to “stop the world and get off a bit”…:)
    Keep it on!


  4. Passion and heart is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It gives you the perserverance to pull through tough times. I cannot imagine what would be of life without these 2.

  5. Reblogged this on Marie Abanga's Blog and commented:
    I Love starting my week with a post from Everyday Power blog!

    Yes in life, we need inspiration as much as we have to pump in perspiration!

    This is what I get whenever I visit Jeff’s blog or even send him an email. So when I read this yet another great post, I could only but share it with you my gentle followers…

  6. Dear Jeff,

    Thank you!

    I am sure you are as inspired as we all are not by your posts (they are great and they are yours) but by the reactions and clients you get along the line.

    I sure couldn’t help but reblog this one and I wish you a merry season

  7. Jeff, I completely agree! As a high school athlete, I see this on a daily basis (in both baseball and academics). Students that work at their education and constantly study are consistently passing up naturally smart students that have had things handed to them their whole lives. In baseball, as it is in a lot of high school sports, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Kids that were star athletes in Little League are not used to facing adversity and often fold under pressure. The strongest players are the ones with heart; the ones that can persist past any obstacle.

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