How Much Everyday Power Do You Have?


In this post we will look at the characteristics of Daily Personal Empowerment. This post will help you compare and contrast the characteristics of those who live  life on their terms between those who think and act as if they are powerless.  Everyday Power is necessary for any form of success, maintaining motivation, gaining clarity, demonstrating passion and compassion,  as well as, improved decision making!
Let’s jump right in!
So what exactly is Everyday Power?
When I created My Everyday Power, I wanted to come up with a coaching program and speaking platform that empowers people to take control of their days and their lives. Too often, we play the ‘someday’ game with our biggest hopes and dreams and never end of up taking the small daily actions that will lead us there. Too often, we fumble the opportunity right in front of our face to maximize what each day has to offer – when we do that we become powerless.
Powerful people live life by choice and not chance. Powerful people are good at making big decisions from the daily practice of making tons of tiny empowering decisions throughout the day. Decision making, like anything else  – is a muscle that becomes stronger from use.
Powerless people are at the whim of their circumstances.  They have decided, either consciously or unconsciously, that their life, their opportunities, their happiness, their relationships, their financial value – is out of there hands and up to some else( a boss, society, the employment market, etc.)
The most amazing thing about Everyday Power is that we can reclaim it at any time. It is always there, waiting to be revealed. Take a look at the chart, how do you stand?
How many Everyday Power characteristics do you show?
Which 2 characteristics could you focus on and  implement for this week?
Which Everyday Power characteristics are most important to you?
Which Powerless characteristic is most damaging?
Which Powerless habits could you not eliminate, but replace?
How could you help someone else become more powerful?
What would you add to the list?
Our lives are action based. Our thoughts, words and actions should be aligned so that when we take steps towards our goals and dreams – our mind, body, spirit and support team all follow. When we have Everyday Power we become the ‘go to’ person at our work place, our partners greatest wish, a cornerstone in our family and a greater contributor to our own life and society!
More Power to you,
Jeff Moore!

Please share your thoughts and repost!

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100 responses to “How Much Everyday Power Do You Have?

  1. I guess by implementing the everyday power characteristics, you are essentially eliminating/replacing the powerless everyday characteristics…

  2. One of the signs I know I’m powerless is when I choose to sleep or eat myself out of confronting issues affecting me.I do not want to get to the bottom of what’s bothering me in order for me to consciously deal with it. Instead I sleep long or eat every food I can find so long as I don’t have to deal with issues affecting me. So now when I find myself doing either,I ask myself, what’s bothering you?Why?What can you do about it?

  3. Great post. As you know, the key is two-fold, awareness is the first piece and the second is willingness to take responsibility. It’s always an amazing thing to behold as someone clues in to the fact that they’re responsible whether they choose to be conscious about it or not. It’s the greatest a-ha – I’m running the show! Don’t you just love that look in someone’s eye?

  4. Very Nice! May I get your permission to use the graphic with an article for my blog?-

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  6. Reblogged this on Determined to Implement and commented:
    Awesome infographics and reflective questions. You could have simply shared the graphic! I think that the questions that are included in this post are powerful too! Being reflective about your current practices is another way to show your everyday power.

    In my opinion, the characteristic shown in the graphic also describe the growth and fixed mindsets. Those with a fix mindset are not actively seeking opportunities for learning and growth. This reminds me of people who say that they “hate to read”. That is the most ignorant mess I have ever heard. Think of all of the knowledge that is available to you and I. Pick up a book!!!!! Thanks!

  7. Great post, splendid blog. This post shows how decisions affect our lives. Motivation in your text is big and I’m one who uses it.
    Thank you!

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  9. Everyday power is all about having confidence in yourself and your capabilities. It is also about loving yourself and taking life into your hands. Powerful people do not feel sorry for themselves because they take life in their hands and move the strings of their life. Their other choice- do nothing and live in fear… ‘There are no rehearsals in life, this is the real thing,’ as the wise Olympia Dukakis told me once.

  10. Everyday power is all about having confidence in ourselves and believing in our capabilities. It is also about loving ourselves and taking life into our own hands. The other option would be to do nothing and feel sorry for ourselves. ‘There are no rehearsals in life… This is the real thing,’ Olympia Dukakis once told me. And she was right… Keep your head up and believe in yourself. With a little faith in yourself, you can do anything…

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  13. I love that you included reading in your everyday power diagram! I think people often forget the difference reading makes in your life, especially when it comes to encouraging creativity.

  14. Many thanks Jeff for sharing this excellent post, which I have re-blogged in view of its importance. The info-graphic is first class by the way; if ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ then this is certainly one that we should all have hanging on our walls!

  15. Reblogged this on The Invisible Sage and commented:
    From time-to-time one comes across an individual who inspires us in that magical way that talented people do. Jeff’s work reminds me somewhat of the inspiring encounters I have had of some great motivational speakers – people like Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, and T. Harv Eker, to name but three. They possess a Master Key with which they enable you to unlock that special door within your mind to a room that holds untold opportunities and abilities, ready to be unleashed and set free.

    I have not, to date, signed up to receiving any weekly newsletters from any of my WordPress Family members. I personally believe Jeff’s work to merit my attention in this way. Should you not, as yet, have visited Jeff’s blog, then I sincerely urge you to do so; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so.

  16. I do like your encouragement.
    Personally, I have experienced a couple of times, when “great” and “positioned” decision-makers, leaders were repeating themselves damaging their life and business. And whenever I shared my insights with them on a different approach, they started to “look-up” on me – they were trapped in themselves and shy/coward/inexperienced to open up in their heart and mind…

    However, I also can find to maintain this state challenging sometimes, so your heartistic attitude really can give me positive energy, and seeing your thorough work, I express my gratitude this way for your excellence for others…

    Keep it on!

  17. Reblogged this on Corporate Skirts and commented:
    Absolutely awesome post on how to practice power over your life every single day and in case you aren’t doing anything yet – great guidelines on how to start from now.

  18. I Absolutely love this post! Specifically the part about powerful people live life from CHOICE and not chance! I really believe that this is a vital nugget of basic life success. The awareness that we have a choice and have a responsibility to choose the things that we know deep down are right. This illuminates blaming others and forces us to take responsibility for where we are in life. Great, great post Jeff! Well worth the read. Will definitely pass this one on if you don’t mind.

    • Yes, please share it! I’m glad you got so much from it! It is very important that we hold o to our power to live and choose no matter what! With that said, we must also have faith in a higher power! 🙂

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    I don’t know how I missed this post of Jeff’s when he posted it but I think it was the December season. I ask myself each day how much I would love to achieve and how much energy I wish to put into my day’s work. Simply put, I evaluate myself and gear for better and best. I find this post and the graphics so illustrative, motivational and inspiring.

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