You Are The Determining Factor!

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Now, of course you will meet people along the way; like minded people, old and new friends and if your lucky maybe even some family who will be happy to give their support and help you. If this happens, allow them the opportunity to give.

You will also meet some old and new friends, family and critics who think that your efforts are a waste of time and are just waiting for their moment to say, “I told you so!”

No matter how much help you do or don’t receive, you are the determining factor. You will be the one that makes it happen. Now if that doesn’t scare you…great! If that does scare you…great! A little fear is healthy!! 🙂

With Love and Respect,



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13 responses to “You Are The Determining Factor!

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  2. This is so true. Because of the choices I’ve made in life I have ended up homeless for many years and am just now, at 57, beginning to get my life on track. But, I have squandered away many dreams for my life.

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