How to Find and Do Work You Love!

For the first time in U.S. history more people are quitting their jobs than getting laid off. FInd out why! Do what inspires you. Change your world, change the world!



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16 responses to “How to Find and Do Work You Love!

  1. Change your world, change the world! This hit me like yes that’s what I’m aiming at right now both consciously and unconsciously and I am not using any of those vocabs anymore
    before reading your last post on top 5 words to be deleted, I had already identified mine or rather some and put a big cross on their graves with those boards which sang their eulogy
    I want to do much more than I ever learnt in school and before I was holding myself back like that’s not what your parents and now me paid all those tuition for- but I recently spoke to an old man I admired and he told me he changed his jobs from a Doctor to a Nursing home and Hostel developer etc because he was free of his choices
    Thank you once more Jeff for all – woah someday indeed I will be a big MKP

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I so enjoyed watching the TED talk. I am pursuing my dream full-time now and hope to get a book out of it very soon! Thanks for sharing and motivating.

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