Massive Success!

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Massive Success


This quote and perspective might go down as ONE OF the shortest, most simple and yet empowering ideas of all time. Have you ever felt wronged? Disrespected? Under valued? Under appreciated? Neglected?

Of course you have! We all have!

Maybe we need to arm ourselves with the idea, that everything negative happening to us, is just more fuel towards our personal greatness

One of the reasons why this thought is so empowering is because most people who have struggles, challenges, obstacles and toxic people in their life, lack the motivation to change, grow and succeed. They become victims. They think that this is just how their life is. There reality is based on the words, actions and opinions of others. That is no way to live.

If your having a hard time finding the motivation. If you can’t find the reasons to do it for yourself. Fine… for the time being. Prove them wrong! All the haters, doubters, non-believers and out right abusers – show then what your truly made of. Show them you will not be stopped! Show them that their thoughts, actions and intentions are not the determining factor in your life. You are! Succeed to a level past their wildest dreams. Then, appreciate all of your hard work and progress. And when the time is right and you are at peace – thank them, because it would not have been possible without them!

With Love,

Jeff Moore

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Massive Success

24 responses to “Massive Success!

  1. I heard a quote this summer that really stuck with me and is consistent with your message here – to be self-actualized, you need to be independent of other people’s opinion of you.
    Don’t let the burden of the nay-sayers weigh you down.

  2. True statement. In order to be better YOU must want to do better. There are so many people who hinder themselves because they don’t want to be left behind or seen as a lame. This mindset not only holds you back but it lets other know that they can control you. Never put yourself in a positon like this. Think positive and succeed!

  3. “The best revenge is living well.” 😉 Turn that negativity into motivation! xo

  4. Right on Flyin’. The really interesting thing about this is turning the energy of a negative emotion into a source of power. That is truly transformational. Thanks Jeff!

  5. Sweet revenge, the best thing is not letting them get you down, don´t stay down. You maybe nocked off for a while but quickly get up, suck it up and go back to work, or to be happy or both would be much better.

  6. Thanks for a ‘like’ over on my site so I got to come over here and read a lot of your stuff. Re this post – yes I agree though also think internalization of others’ views is very strong particularly when the view (negative) is coming from someone we need in our lives who might themselves be being battered by the casual unfairness of a system they are in. More Power to you as an educator.

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