Let Your Light Shine!


Do us all a favor! Don’t just shine, SHINE BRIGHT! In order to shine we need to accept where we are in life and actively pursue where were want to be and how we want to feel; regardless of how good or bad things currently are.

People who are the happiest, the most energetic, the ones who just seem to shine; know who they are,  what they are here for and their emotions represent that. How they show up in the world – represents that.

I do not know you, but I know you have something to give. We all do. Your job is to find out what it is and give it. If you do not, we all get let down, we are all deprived – we all suffer.

Everyday, moment by moment we have the ability to decide what we are gong to give. Do not keep your gifts to yourself! Give love. Give your gifts!

With love and respect,


42 responses to “Let Your Light Shine!

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    Just as laughs are contagious! Every essence of this post is wonderful, and a simple concept! Thank you for sharing. We all need a boosted reminder to let our attitudes shine bright in the most free, positive way possible.

  2. You’re right. We all have something to offer the world; something to give. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what that is. But when you do….YOU SHINE!

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    Great post from Everyday Power by Jeff Moore, with one of my favourite quotes of all time, Greatness makes you humble enough to help others discover their own great self, larger than life self, empowered self, brilliant self, for me that’s a life worth living out daily.

  4. Great post. Thankyou Jeff for following and liking my posts you remind me to check in on those in my network. Like this post as it reminds me of coach carter, gotta get the quote now and onto my blog, one of my favourite of all time.

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