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**UPDATE** First off, I apologize for the delay – I have been traveling through Holland and Thailand attending conferences and even spending time on holiday. The free personal empowerment newsletter will be delivered to your mailboxes on November 9th, 2013! Thank you again for all of your support and patience and mostly, the desire to take your life to the highest levels possible! :-)** 

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Jeff Moore

September, 30th, 2013

Thank you all so much for the growing interest in My Everyday Power. I have decided to create a weekly newsletter that will feed your mind and heart with weekly motivation, wisdom and strategies to most effectively use your time, mind and body! Use your Everyday Power now and sign up! In one month over 500 people have already signed up and the first newsletter letter will be sent out on , October 14th, 2013. Your email address will never be spammed or sold!

Your email address will be used to contact you, motivate you and inspire you to get the most from work and life!

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Jeff Moore

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