Are You Really Motivated? (Phenomenal Workout Motivation!)

This video reminds me of any athlete who is trying to take their skills, body or health to the next level! It’s also reminds me of what it takes to bring our life to a higher level, regardless of what you do! It’s not just about reaching the goal, it’s about who you BECOME throughout the journey!!! Check out this video!!

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23 responses to “Are You Really Motivated? (Phenomenal Workout Motivation!)

  1. Reblogged this on Petite Bites of Life and commented:
    Wow! Amazing! Do we do all we can, are we becoming our potential, are we living a full life?
    Sure made me think! So glad I saw this!
    Take a moment and then ask yourself…am I being all that I am made to be?

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  3. JEFF / It’s good to be good in such one will only grow in humility
    in understanding / earn respect / which a worthy goal to achieve.

    To realy know oneself then such achieved via meditation in one
    turning the senses inward thus a practical experience of creator.

    Throught history of humanity (always) a “Teacher of Teachers”
    the Teacher of Teachers is a aid guide to those in reaching the
    stage where it being meditation then required in their furthering
    of practical experience of creator that of understanding creation.

    Present time the Teacher of Teachers is Prem Rawat / Prem has
    dedicatedd his life to aid guide those in reaching the stage in life
    where meditation then required / thus the greater understanding
    of creation / the greater understanding as experience of creator.

    On PC search put (words of peace) or ( words of peace global )
    on site a selection of videos which / Prem explains meditation as
    a open invite he will guide aid all in reaching such stage where it
    be that meditation required giving one far greater understanding
    far greater experience of creation as in one knowing the creator.

    PS / the very best wishes in your effort to motivate as brighten
    the lives of others / it all to easy for people in giving up hope in
    difficult situations where their life be nought but / daily struggle
    that one tries hold aloft a light as encourage others / is worthy
    of respect /thus the very / very / very / very / very / best wishes.

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  5. Reblogged this on Jack's Blog and commented:
    This video shows some young people doing extraordinary basketball/calisthenic drills which seem to be producing incredible results.

    Taking our physical fitness to a higher level can be pretty straight forward- working hard, consistently imposing increasingly greater challenges on oneself will usually catalyze an adaptation response, such as building muscle, improving hand and eye coordination or increasing balance. Even though taking every other area of our lives to a higher level is not always as clear as it can be in the physical fitness realm, we can still learn and benefit from a physical discipline.

    I wonder what sort of drills could be practiced to develop incredible results in other areas of life: social, mental, vocational, spiritual, financial, familial.

  6. I meant to revisit sooner. But you just read why I couldn’t. =) Thanks so much for the recent likes. I’m glad to see you thriving here. You look as personable in your new gravatar as you did a few months back.

    Ignore of course if you’ve seen (or are not interested LOL)…but I talk about mixed martial arts here. Your post reminded me of it:

    Cheerleading your way. Thanks for the support.

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