When Your Future Self Says thank You!


Effective people know how to harness the power of themselves, all three of them.  Their past self, present self and future self, work together every day to establish  a vision and seize opportunities.

Everyday we have the opportunity to be our best self.

Every day we have the opportunity to do something better.

What are three things you’re doing today that will make your future self proud, excited and thankful?

What are three challenges or risks you face now, that will reward you in the future?

These could be questions you ask yourself every morning and every evening.

Please share your thoughts for the rest of the community to join in and invite your friends to join in as well. More power to you!

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23 responses to “When Your Future Self Says thank You!

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  2. That is how I try to do everything. Think, do and be something better than yesterday and making today a stepping stone for the greater tomorrows.

  3. In the NLP work I do, you can actually go and communicate with your future self and find out what steps you took to get where you got to. I also have done a meditation that Tom Kenyon channeled and you harness the sphere of unlimited possibilities and send the energy through your third chakra, just above your belly button, to your future self. It is very empowering! Great post.

  4. never thought of myself all split up like that, yet there are days I wish I had three of me! Now I know I do! Anyway this inspired me and I’m kind of sick today so thanks for the boost 🙂

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