How do you define success?


How we define success will determine how we feel about our selves, how we feel about others and will determine the thoughts we have and the actions we take. Before becoming a teacher, I thought that success looked liked a high rise apartment, a german car and palm trees. Those thoughts were all challenged and changed when I got into education and mean’t many people who have influenced hundreds and even thousands of young people for the better. And needless to say, none of them had a penthouse, a BMW or a vacation home.

So my question for you is (and I have a couple):

How do you define success? Is it by what you have gained or what you have given? Is it by how you will remembered? Is it by what you have been able to build? Does health and love play a role in how successful we are? Does living a life that excites us exist on the scale of success? Where does pride exist in success? These are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about success.

Please share your thoughts for the rest of the community to join in and invite your friends to join in as well. More power to you!

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37 responses to “How do you define success?

  1. I define success by my feelings of peace, tranquility and belonging. I was also a teacher before I had my boys and I miss it terribly. However, I am profoundly nourished by my relationships with my boys. Giving to them, teaching and learning from them all fill me to the brim with joy and love. I feel successful when they come to me for advice or tell me how strong they think I am. I feel successful when they are kind to thier classmates and to small children they meet. I feel successful when they are saddened by hate and intolerance in the world. Being able to love with my whole heart makes me feel successful. Thank you for this wonderful blog! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this amazing piece!!! Wow !!! wow!! wow!!!I love this for some many reasons, the personal element, the family element…wow!!! Thank you again!!!

  2. A dear colleague, about 25 years my junior, wrote this. She died before her 21st birthday by which time she had shared much of her wisdom:
    Success is speaking words of praise
    In cheering other peoples’ ways,
    In doing just the best you can
    With every task and every plan.
    It’s silence when your speech would hurt,
    Politeness when your neighbour’s curt.
    It’s deafness when scandals flow,
    And sympathy when others woe.
    It’s loyalty when duty calls,
    And courage when disaster falls.
    It’s patience when the nights are long,
    It’s found in laughter and in song.
    It’s in the silent time of prayer,
    In happiness and in despair.
    In all of life and nothing less
    We find the thing we call success …

    Julie Musca, Queensland, Australia

    Excerpted from Finding The Tiger, A Coming of Age, Authorhouse 2012, page 33.

  3. Fairly recently in my fairly short life, I’ve discovered that enriching personal relationships have become my main definition of happiness. Getting good grades and getting stronger in the gym feel great, but neither matter if you don’t have close friends to share your accomplishments with!

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    One of the most rewarding aspects of my professional life happens when a young colleague finally captures an idea you have been trying to coach him on for some time. That Aha moment is awesome to watch and be a part of.

  6. Whenever your successful moment occurs (not what others view as success) it’s an awesome feeling. Cherish those moments because the minute you get up on that pedestal, there will be another one much higher for you to climb.

  7. Still figuring out what success is for me???I get a very hazy picture of it and get lost in between the thought. But Still I am hopeful that I will one day have clear picture of it.

  8. I know that my definition of success changed after I was diagnosed with MS. Now success means living each day the best I can and creating books that others will enjoy to read. It also means one day not having to rely on my disability payments for income. Then again, every day I wake up feeling fine is a success. Oh and I shared this blog entry on Twitter and Facebook.

  9. The secret to feeling successful life is to lay your head on your pillow every night be and happy with what you have got!

    When you wake up the next day dedicate all 100% of your energy towards achieving what you want.


  10. Mr. Moore,
    I love how you challenge your audience to define success for themselves. They will definitely get more out of this article in doing so. People need to find what they want in life, what makes them happy, and how they need to live in order to achieve success. That way they will be able to focus their efforts on reaching their goal. Great post!

  11. I define success by having a good day even surrounded with many problems, can keep smiling even feel pain and anger, able to control self, and anything that everyone can afford to get. Things that related with spiritual and emotional happiness and calm, gentle and peaceful. Success means when I keep my feet on track towards the goal, even I not achieve it yet. As long as we still on the right path, we are successful.

    Great post… reblog… 🙂

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