And the day you find out why

And the day you find out why

Simple, straight to the point and deeply real. We wouldn’t be here without birth and we wouldn’t make a difference without purpose. There is no one more influential, productive and fulfilled then someone who knows who they are and what they are here for. Even if you do not have all the answers now; do something. You will figure it out along the way.

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    I am re-blogging today. I think that means I am posting someone else’s blog post on my wall. I have never done this before. I like the concept of this blog. I believe people are all born for a purpose, probably many purposes along the way. It seems like folks can get stuck in the rut of wondering what that purpose might be, feel like they are being ineffective, and then become inactive. I don’t believe we actually need to ever find out why we are here, but that sure can be an encouraging bonus~! We’ve had the “what are we doing in Bethlehem” talk a number of times. Brook and I have found out years later that we have had a positive affect on many people along the way, and we didn’t have any idea that we had made any difference. So, if Mark Twain is wrong, and you never find out why you were born, Jeff is correct in suggesting that we should “do something”. In our case, that has proven to be a service to others, and that has an importance more far reaching than we will ever know.

    • Wow, wow! Thank you for adding your insight and wisdom!!! Yes, we don’t need to have it all planned out to ‘do something’. There are no prerequisites to making a difference!!!! Thank for you for sharing as well!!

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  3. As Dr. Wayne W.Dyer put it in his book: “You are here for purpose”. So the first step to find our purpose in life is just to realize this truth. Thank you for sharing, Jeffrey!

  4. One of my favorite quotes. So powerful. Often times it takes years to find purpose, but once you do, it makes all the difference in the world.

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