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  1. You mean like in the movie Benjamin Button? Perhaps so but I would like to at least retain or even improve my intelligence,knowledge and wisdom irregardless of what age I have. It would make life easier as anyone has to go through life’s struggles IMO.

  2. Nope, I was happy from eleven to birth, eighteen was rad, but all sorts of idealism was struggling to be free.
    Excellent question!!!!

  3. May be if one looks at it from the perspective that when we are old we have more responsibilities, more problems (especially with health), more regrets and more worries…while at a younger age we do not worry much about life. So sometimes for some people the weight of the suffering is to high at an old age, and lower in youth. But I think it depends in some cases the situation can be reversed…This is a complex statement though…

  4. When you’re a kid there are no worries except when you’re the only one that does not have that video game everyone seems to be talking about. When you’re an adult you have to worry about paying bills, work, kids (if you have any) and so much other stuff. One thing is for sure is that you get older you become more wise and you learn more about yourself and your surroundings.
    Great post, going to reblog this. 🙂

  5. Only if I could retain the wisdom and knowledge I will have at 80 and would not truly digress to the person I was at 18. However, if I could have that body and my current mind, that might be fun. Disco fever all over again!!! Whoo hoo!!!

  6. Giving birth to an 80 year old might be considered a challenge for the proud mom!

  7. I completely agree. People would be wiser, more appreciative of life, family and friends, and they would have much better values and morals. Furthermore, their priorities would be straight.

  8. I have seen people move in here looking very old and within 6 or 8 months look substantially younger. Don’t want to say more they’ll raise the rent:-)

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