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  1. As Tony Robbins frequently says, “The past does not equal the future”. Every moment is a chance to reinvent and become. Since we do create our future, it’ logical to assume that we also created our past. Looking back on it with regrets would indicate that that which we created at the time was not perfect and had not lead us to this present moment which is exactly where we are meant to be. Now, on to the future. Talley Ho!!!

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    Whether you believe in pre-destined paths or leave it all up to coincidence, you must realize that the choices you make, make you. If you stay up late, you are likely to be tired in the morning. If you prepare for a meeting, you are more likely to be at ease and more confident.
    This doesn’t mean that mistakes or ‘wrong’ choices take away from your life, however. In fact, they may add more to it than what making the ‘right’ choice would have. As long as you take responsibility for the effects of your choices and actions, you will be able to grow as a human being and more importantly, live with yourself.

  3. Exactly. I was just thinking this morning, “be who you want yourself to be”. You are who you say you are. Speak it and be it!

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  5. Jung spent many ears inventing himself… self-image was what he’d set out to discern. His methods were not reported. He put together a book finally know as The Red Book. — Liber Novus. His work was astounding and intense. As you may know he penned many books. However, when consulted about the typical problems of alcoholism, he was without fail, a failure. Jung did at the time earn some renown as father of modern psychology. However, his work is useless for the average person and his methods did little for aiding the truly sick people that he studied.
    I think his meaning may have been — find out for yourself who you really are (and good luck).

  6. I definitely needed this inspiration today! Thank you for sharing and Thank you for visiting and following my blog.
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