What’s the most important factor in any relationship?


What characteristics of your partner or ideal partner, are most important to you? Which qualities and traits make you feel loved, empowered and excited?

For many, the quality of our lives depends directly on the quality of our relationships. Whether its intimate relationships, family, professional or our relationship to strangers, our community and the world. How are decide to connect ourselves with other people and other things, plays a huge role in how we see the world and how we see ourselves. Unhealthy relationships can have us feeling exhausted, frustrated and confused. While healthy and empowering relationships have us feelings like we are sitting on top of the world! Let’s choose to sit on top of the world!

Love is real power!

So…for you, what are the most important characteristics in a partner?

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26 responses to “What’s the most important factor in any relationship?

  1. I voted on Health, because without health you can’t really enjoy life. Health is very important. Taking good care of your health is very important.

  2. Sadly I think that many people rate physical attractiveness higher than 11%. I don’t, but I giess that’s only because I would come short if someone judged me that way…
    I personally find humor very important, as well as reliability.

  3. Many factors play the key to a healthy relationship, is the person emotionally stable. I seen so many people who appear normal, but get in a relation with them all hell breaks out. I prefer humor, share similar spirituality, maturity, reliable, independence, caring, intelligence, and selfless man. 🙂

  4. for me and my girl, the most important characteristic in each other is being upright, pious, ethical and responsible individuals first, and then undying romantic loyalty, and finally an obsession with books, learning, thnking and writing.

  5. Connection with our creator is paramount in any relationship, because like an electric plug in the power outlet every relationship needs a vital charge to be fresh, new and exciting. No 2 people are on the same wave length all the time, but if they have a common denominator they always can live in harmony. It works for my husband and I for 33 years, even though we never agree on any one thing, nor have the same mood at the same time. BUT since our creator is LOVE and TRUTH we always have a good relationship and put the other person first according to the godly principle: “do unto others as you want them do to you.”

  6. For me, I believe in being able to truly be yourself, even the bad stuff the stuff you do not like. You need to know if you can live with the stuff you do not like otherwise it most likely will not work out. I need to feel sexually attracted as well as emotionally stable, someone that I can talk to and laugh with

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