4 Reasons to Not Quit…EVER!

don't quit ever everyday power

don’t quit ever everyday power

In today’s world, where everyone wants instant results – it is easier than ever to quit. It is easy to think that if it doesn’t come easy to you, it is not for you. It is easy to try something, and then if it doesn’t work out immediately, we can talk our selves out of the importance or the significance of it.  With that said, if you were to ask any person you admire based on what they have given, gained or done, they will all have a very similar formula for success – they never quit.

Here are four reasons why YOU should never quit!

1. Let’s be honest, did you really commit to the result? Did you really go all the way in? One of my favorite quotes from Les Brown is, “even if you have all the right keys, the key will not work if you only put it halfway in the lock.” Sometimes we are so quick to quit, so quick to find reasons to talk our selves out of the effort, that we never put the time, energy or concentration into making it work or reaching the goal. When we do that, we are actually creating a habit of selling ourselves short.

2. Our biggest challenges will always reveal the most important lessons. You are not failing, you are getting exponentially wiser. Our challenges reveal what our true passions, interests and desires are. Our challenges guide is closer to to who we are by showing our strengths, weaknesses and our greatest potential. Our challenges give our journey meaning.

3. You have made more progress than you think.  It is easy to focus on how far we still have to go, but it is much more energizing and fulfilling to recognize how far we have gone already. Focus on the progress you have made. Focus on the small improvements that have happened in various aspects of your life, created from the desire of your goal. Many people never reach there goals because they quit before they had enough time to do so.

4. If you could receive advice from other people who have done what you are trying to do, they would all tell you the same thing – “it’s possible“. Take comfort with the idea and fact that many have overcome tremendous events, obstacles, childhoods, economies and relationships and have still been able to achieve there goals. They all knew, and had an unwavering belief that it was possible. You are far greater than your minor and even major problems. Never forger that. Never let the ups and downs of life let you forget how great and powerful you are. It is possible.

I hope this helps! Please share!

Only the best,


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61 responses to “4 Reasons to Not Quit…EVER!

  1. Quitting is so much easier, than giving it a try for the long haul. Great post!

  2. Delightful to hear this advice. I often find that when I am struggling the most and want to quit, that’s when I have a breakthrough and am rewarded most.

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  4. It is true ” A quitter never wins or a winner never quits “. Your passion,your commitment, your discipline, and your approach will help your baby steps toward your goal. This article gives a good and very serious thought.

  5. Great post! Let only death stop us from acting on our goals. Our lives are too short to not try to accomplish anything magnanimous! Otherwise, KEEP, MOVING, FORWARD! 🙂

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  7. Throwing in the towel is not a really good idea I totally agree. I also agree it is much easier to quit than to persevere. Stick-to-itiveness is non existent for many but then that is what yields the best of results.

  8. Hello Jeff:
    Nice point on sticking with it. I used to give up every time I hit a road block or two. Now, I have learned to learn what I need to learn along this journey. I have also learned that sometimes it is wise to make needed changes/adaptations to my original goals, based on my experiences….I would love to hear you blog about that, also.

    • Ronya great idea! I agree, if something is not for you, or when the plan changes – changing direction is necessary. Thank you for giving me my next blog topic!!

  9. Thanks for this post at exactly the right time for me, Jeff. It’s so easy when we hit a wall to throw our hands up. Whoops! It didn’t work out. Guess it’s not meant to be! In the depths of uncertainty is a scary place to be. But we are forged from times like these.

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  11. Just waned to say thanks for this amazing article. I for one needed to hear this. I’m looking to enter into the fashion and entertainment industries. I currently live in Atlanta and there is tons of competition here. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, but something inside of me won’t allow me to quit. Though I chose to take a road less traveled I’m determined to make my dreams a reality.

  12. I absolutely love this and agree 100%. Giving up is so easy but staying and fighting that good fight of faith is not always easy. For me, I love a challenge so I decide to continue in it. Key word…”Decide” because it’s a choice.

    Be Blessed.

  13. Reblogged this on Petite Bites of Life and commented:
    It is easier to quit than it is to go forward and do the very best you can with all you have. When we do this we get places we never been, meet people we never knew and become the very best self we have the potential to be!

  14. I cannot explain the incredible sense of timing with which this post came before me. Thank you.
    It’s true quitting is so much easier than trying. But trying despite challenges is what makes achievements sweet.

  15. It certainly does help! I especially like your first reason…let us commit fully to the end result so quitting never even crosses our mind : )

  16. Reblogged this on Power of PIES and commented:
    You hear those words in your mind…”Don’t Quit!”. However, the words of “no hope” often ring at the same time. By following the guidelines presented here, quitting will no longer be an option : )

  17. Everything that has a beginning has an end also, so is whatever we start out to accomplish. Fortunately most of the time we see the end from the beginning, that’s vision. The question is; are we committed to the end we have seen to get there no matter what? Jeff applying the things you’ve said on your post is a sure way of getting to those ends.

  18. Hi Jeff!
    I think this is a great & wise 4 steps to accomplishing anything & not quitting. I have dome a lot through my life as a child growing up & learning how to progress through everything I had put forth effort & my mind to it. With your ok, I will reblog on my blog to help you & know that it is a very inspirational post as I have been working on a future pdf on health of our bodies with vitamins, minerals, & other good nutrients also that help others increase their health for the good when it is down.
    Thanks for coming to my blog to see my 30 Quotes at http://lynnsblogs.wordpress.com.

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