21 Day Challenge: No Complaints! [Updated]

I just heard about and ordered Will Bowen’s book, “A Complaint Free World”. When I heard about Bowen’s dare for us to take a 21 Day Challenge where we cannot complain, criticize or belittle – I was hooked. And why not? What a great goal to set. A tangible, personal development goal that defends against the daily demands of life, work and elevating our health.

A New Habit

So what would be different in our lives if we didn’t complain, at all? How much better of a problem solver would you be? How would not complaining affect your daily mood and attitude?  How would this change your personal and professional relationships? How about your sense of gratitude and fulfillment? Where would our focus go? These are all questions that rush through my mind, as the excitement build to start the challenge. So, I ask, who is ready to join me?



**Update** I am now 6 weeks in and I have not be able to continue for 21 straight days! And I thought I was positive! LOL!

I have caught my self when complaining about cold food, mosquitoes, bad food, slow service, long lines…anything!  Well l I am not quitting! This is a true challenge! I will complete it! I will not quit! Lets go!

I will keep you all updated as well!!

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55 responses to “21 Day Challenge: No Complaints! [Updated]

  1. Go you!! The situation I’m in right now, I’m not ready! Lol separation comes with complaints. Lol. I applaud you… hugs Paula xxx

  2. Hi Jeff, great to see the 21 days challenge getting attention! Will Bowen’s complaint free world is my ‘bible’ since the last 7 years and has contributed to my wish for a positive life style in so many ways. It has taught me how to cope with difficult or annoying matters in a different way, it has confirmed my wishes for my life and my family. This is not like ‘The Secret’ and other books that seem to focus on gaining material wealth, to me this about the ‘Real Thing’.The 21 days challenge is not easy but it has brought me and many others the incredible gift of joy. Even more so when grief and pain crosses your path. It sounds like a game but it is amazing how life altering and confirming it is. Thank you for sharing, Johanna.

    ps I have the book as an audio so I felt support where ever I was. It made it easier to stay focussed. When I feel that I am ‘slipping’ , I listen to it again and feel calm.

  3. Love, Love, Love this idea! The power to change people positively. I’m finding the book and starting the challenge and sharing it with friends.

  4. Complaining as criticizing is such a small action that our society has grown into an unconscious habit! Very cool post, thanks for the awareness

  5. This sounds difficult, but I’m definitely up for the challenge!!

  6. I love it! I’m in! It is such a waste of energy to complain and moan about the small things and so many people do it. I would much rather spend my energy on more positive thoughts.

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  8. Oh, no! What on earth would I do if I couldn’t whine and moan on social media about people, the excess of cleaning, cooking, ironing, taking care of folks, blah, blah, blah, blah…kidding. 🙂 I try to catch myself when I feel a complaint coming on.

    Almost two and half years ago, I took my best friend out of a nursing home in Chicago (and she’s way too young to be in a nursing facility, but MS got the better of her) and brought her out of state to live with me. Taking care of her makes me lock my lips and want to toss the key. I want to appreciate the ability to walk, stretch my legs, use the toilet, get out of bed and something as simple as sitting up on my own in bed and everything else even more when I feel like my world is going to implode with rants/complaints. In short, great idea!

    Even with all that said, it’s always good to challenge ourselves further. I’m in!

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    Oooooh, this will be QUITE a challenge for this house. I, especially while hormonal, have a BAD tendency to complain about everything. Going to have to add this book to my Amazon wishlist and I think this would be a GREAT way to encourage the kids and I to be more thankful!

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    Check this post out – 21 days without complaining?! Think how much better your life could be with a positive outlook! I know I sure could use this, especially to curb some of my road rage lol.

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    I’ve heard it takes 21 days to make something a habit. So why not combine Will Bowen’s 21 Day Challenge with another goal you’ve been meaning to get started working towards, working out, for example? This way if you can’t complain about it, you’ll just do it and be hooked!

  13. Beautiful Advice! Awesome Blog! Have YOU Read The Master Key System yet? Glad to find like-minded people here on WordPress!
    Keep up the awesome work!
    Many Blessings!

  14. Great post! This challenge (and life) is all about perspective. Change your mindset to a positive one and reap the rewards. I recently sent a list of things to do at work every day to people in my organization that included, “Turn complaints and problems into opportunities and share solutions.” I guess great minds think alike.

    PS Thanks for the like and follow!

  15. Definitely going to do this next week! (I’m currently doing my own 1 day challenge: notice the worth of others before worrying about your own 🙂 )

    I would love to hear how you do with this!! Update us regularly about your success/challenges!


  16. Great idea! I wonder if I could get my kids on board with this. Probably just as hard for me. Definitely worth a try. One day at a time I guess.

  17. Sounds like a book and a challenge worth trying. Are you at least finding that you are complaining less, and being more aware of it??

  18. I gave these to everybody at church a couple of years ago…Lots of people commented, but for sure it changed my thinking.

  19. That is a tough one. I am going to start today. Not giving up either. It might take a while, I am committed 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  20. This is so timely! I appreciate you sharing how you fared with the challenge. I attempted and wrote about a similar challenge (of attempting to make it through ONE work day without a complaint). It is so much harder than one would think. I am going to continue to try as well to reach that goal. The 21 day challenge may be one of my next goals. Great blog and best wishes to you as you continue on your journey.

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  22. I’d like to add another item to the list – eliminating belittling ourselves. Is it just me or are we all guilty of negative self-talk?
    Love this challenge – I’m in!

  23. Thanks for the follow, your blog is very inspiring. Keep up the good work

  24. Hi Jeff!
    Just want to say that challenge can be accomplished. I had to think of other things to replace the impatience & make myself patient. It also takes a lot of stamina & energy to do something else in place of just complaining.

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