Motivation for the Darkness


Well, when you put it as Galileo did you almost look forward to the darkness!

We are able to see the stars when we focus on the light. The darker it is, the more the spots of light stand out!Some people look into a dark sky and see a blanket of blackness; while others are connecting dots and creating meaning. Which person are you?

How does this apply to our everyday life? In our relationships, work environments and even eating habits, we will have our fair share of darkness and seemingly hopeless moments.

Those moments where you feel like the more you communicate the further you get from a mutual understanding. The times where your efforts at work seem like a drop in the bucket and no one cares, appreciates or recognizes your contributions. Or the week you ate fast, convenient, highly processed, full of junk food and now your body feels heavy and tired.

In those moments, we have a choice. We can continue to look at the blankness, the darkness and lose hope, momentum and power. Or we can take our time and focus on the stars and connect them to create constellations of meaning, power and progress.

For example, during an argument what words were used to make the other person, or yourself, tick? What words were used to derail the conversation from going forward and keeping its focus? What words can you stay away from and what others words can you use to keep the conversation loving, compassionate and positive?

What areas of work can you focus on to incorporate your strengths, passions and interest? What colleague can you reach out to for support, assistance and mentorship?

When we get off track from our goals and our best self, the best way to get back on course is to look up at the stars! Appreciate the darkness and its uncanny ability to light up the stars, your stars. The darker it is, the brighter they shine!

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    • Hey there, thanks for dropping by my little blog, and for the follow! I’ve been cruising around your blog, too, and there’s some really great stuff. I particularly love this post…

  1. I just heard this same message yesterday. Perhaps someone is trying to tell me something : ) Thanks for sharing the wonderful message!

  2. Great ideas! I used some of these at work a few weeks ago and was happy to see a shift in the general attitude.

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