3 Steps Towards Personal Empowerment


In this post, we take a close look at three ways we can become personally empowered, meaning – we have greater confidence, a better self image, higher standards, more hope and more patience.

Personal development and personal empowerment both start when increased self love. If we want to improve any aspect of our life we must start from the inside. Here are 3 steps for personal empowerment.

1. Increase your self love. The most important step!  Any change we want to make comes from self love. The question is: how do we increase our self love? Are we looking in the mirror saying ‘I love you’ 100 times. Maybe. If that works for you – say it until you believe it. Others might write. Write down all that you love about yourself and all that is good in your life. Others might meditate about what they appreciate in their life. However you go about doing it, gratitude is the way. Be thankful for all that you have and all that you are in this present moment. Love yourself unconditionally – regardless of the mistakes, regrets and disappointments.  Allow yourself to be imperfect and make mistakes, while at the same time, love yourself perfectly.

 “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”. -Lucile ball

2. Raise your standards. Realize that in order for you to love yourself more, to be at your best – you must carry yourself in a way that represents that. How you speak to yourself, how to you speak to other people, what you eat, how you present yourself, how you live  – raise your standards. Aim to be the most compassionate, loving and forgiving person you know. Aim to be the most optimistic and thankful person you know. You will feel better and the people who you interact with will feel better when you are around. Raise you standards of who you spend your time with and what you spend your time on.

“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.” -Tony Robbins

3. Enjoy the process. The commitment to improve can be made in an instant but the work takes time. Enjoy the process. There will be setbacks, frustrations, haters and doubts, but it’s all about what you do next. Whatever happens along your path, remember that your will be defined by what you do next. Your path is a series of moments and experiences – enjoy them. Don’t rush the process, love your progress.

If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking.– Buddhist saying


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59 responses to “3 Steps Towards Personal Empowerment

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  2. Loving yourself gives you strength, but you first need the strength to love yourself. “YOU” are worth it and damn it all to hell to those that try to keep you down. Be strong, stand up for your convictions, and if necessary, face the consequences after. Not everyone wants you to love yourself! But, do it anyway 😀

  3. After the day that I have had, which was full of doubt, self sabotage, and second guessing….this blog entry lifted me up and my spirit. Very powerful.

  4. Reblogged this on lionorthelamb and commented:
    I like that first you must accept who you are, then decide who you want to be then back to accepting yourself during the process. Brilliantly simple.

    The Tony Robbins quote was awesome as well.

  5. I was taught, as a child, to think good about yourself was a bad character trait. As I grew up, and took responsibility for what I believed, I discovered only by loving myself was others able to see the love I give as genuine and felt free to return it back to me. How can you love someone who can’t even love themselves?

    One of the things I do is never deny my worth for any gift or compliment that comes my way. I embrace the gift I am given and smoother the giver with gratitude. In turn, when someone tries to block a compliment I send his/her way I don’t pretend to be appreciative of their humility….instead I make a fuss. If what I gave them had monetary value would they shove it back at me? Do they believe my sincere words so devoid of value they think it’s ok? Only when they take it and see how it truly makes me happy are they happy and believe the good things I said about them…..I hope they do the a same with others.

    Thanks for sharing this….people need to know loving themselves does not mean they will be unable to love others. 🙂

  6. Unless we love ourselves ,comfortable with what we are and know where we want to go in life we cannot love and influence others in the true sense.The change in us would be the seed for a better family ,town ,etc. 🙂

  7. Two days in a row I’ve been dealing with depression because of self-doubt due to a poor decision I made. Both days, I’ve come to your blog and been uplifted and inspired. I’ve been given hope and encouragement to keep moving forward. I am so grateful to you and what you have brought into my world. Thank you.

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  9. Hey jeff! Thanks for stopping by Zizzle! I’ve just spent the last hour or so lost in your blog, love it, love your energy and what you are doing:)

  10. Reblogged this on View Pacific and commented:
    I like this. Rather than waiting until we’ve improved the world, by loving ourselves we will be on a better path to then support the world.

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  12. Very well articulated and well written, I believe in every word you delivered in this message, loving yourself is the beginning to living a joyful life full of love cheer and fulfilment, because we are living from the heart, this is what radiates out to others, they will be naturally drawn to you.

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  14. I really liked the post and especially the third step because I have just recently realized it. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and thank you so much for the like and follow!

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  17. A person I once called a friend said to me one day: “All you have to do is keep on walking…” But he was instructing me on how to go crazy – just keep on walking and never look back. I often think about that – never did quite get his meaning, but now I can think of it in a new light. In being the best that I can be, I often bring out the worst in others, who strive to harm me in any way they can. I am seeking answers to why this happens as I am gentle and kind, but often misunderstood. I hope I will find some answers here. Thank you for reading and liking my poetry and following my blog.

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  19. I agree with this post especially point 2.- I used to be wary of the “love yourself” mantra until I realized that is not about pretending you have no flaws but admitting them, recognising your future is not a foregone conclusion and respecting yourself enough to work on fixing those flaws and being a better version of yourself! Also Jesus taught “Love your neighbour as yourself” which assumes you respect yourself in the first instance – the stronger you are the better able you will be to help others!

  20. Thanks so much for this article because I agree that we must frist love ourself in order to love other. Raising your standard to me mean to know who you are in GOD and what he has call you to do so that you can be a light for someone esle. Enjoying the process knowing that all things are working out for the good. Thank you again for your words of wisdom.

    DIVA, Iketha

  21. “enjoy the process” – that’s something that so many people take for granted. Right now, that’s a huge thing that I’m trying to focus on and it’s great to see that insight being shared. The process IS life and it doesn’t really matter where you end up if you have nothing positive to take from the journey.

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