Last Days: What Zach Did With His Last Five Months

“You don’t have to know you are dying, to start living!”

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An inspiring story, that reminds us to stop kidding ourselves. Why would you ever wait to do exactly what you know you love?

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13 responses to “Last Days: What Zach Did With His Last Five Months

  1. Hey, how are you? 🙂
    I watched this recently and was totally inspired by Zach and his family.
    What an incredible human being he is. Hope you had a great day. Hugs Paula xx

  2. I am never surprised by the Power of Music!!!!! or the Power of Art or the Power of Dance or any of the Arts. As mortals, our physical beings will die, but long live the Arts!!!!!! Keep the arts burning in our lives!

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  4. I watched this the other day and was moved. Very cool and he’s from Minnesota! Yay!

  5. Very inspiring! Truly a gift to us all just to be able to share his journey. Music can be a powerful way to share your soul.

  6. I love the video & know that I have done what I wanted to by living for me as I was growing up. I never got to really get into work much as my life & health wouldn’t let me. I took my days off all the time to go do what I loved to do. When I needed money to go somewhere, I just went & worked however much time I needed & then went & used money for what I loved to do all the time. I was always looking for something that just was used for the moment & now am looking forward to it again after changing my health for the better. Hope you take the time to see my other blog at where health is my number 1 concern. Thanks Jeff & have a great day!

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