23 responses to “What Children Can Teach Us!

  1. I try to learn from my children everyday. So much joy, so much peace and happiness can be found in that. This meme is a great reminder of somethings we often lose sight of. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Children are amazing! They see the world through eyes that say…”Wow, can I try? How did you do that? Can you show me…? It’s ok! etc.” Their yes is yes and no is no. Forgiveness is easy to give and anger never last. With a child’s heart is how I try to see people and face each day. It’s a decision I make every day; to be joyful, open, forgiving, light hearted, thoughtful, peaceful and loving on purpose. Nothing is automatic when dealing with people, life is a choice and I choose to be like a child happy regardless. Love on purpose not by accident. Love without stipulations…love just because!

  4. Yes, especially the third. You can add, “Meltdown completely when your desire (or way) is thwarted.” 🙂

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