Success and Brick Walls!

Success and Brick Walls!

What are some of the ‘brick walls’ in your life? Are the walls your excuse? Or, are they the greatest thing to ever happen to you? Is your ability to climb over them separating you from the pack? Or, will learning how to climb over them help you become your highest and best self?

Brick walls are only a blessing!

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12 responses to “Success and Brick Walls!

  1. I love your blog. Never disappointed with the content because it always has a good, thought-provoking message.

  2. Sometimes I think the brick wall is there to let us know that we are going in the wrong direction and need to find a new path.

  3. There no such things as mistakes… only experience.
    So the brick walls are there as obstacles for me to overcome in this wonderful human experience. =]

  4. Right now, my brick wall is a boss, preventing me from professional growth. Not sure how to overcome it, short of leaving a company I have already invested a lot of tome and energy in.

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