15 responses to “Dove Commercial: You ARE beautiful!

  1. Thank you for posting this, you enlightened male, you. I like the way that this post fits in one my favorite themes of your blog, authenticity.

    In this video women look at themselves and feel inadequate. When I taught the Psychology of Women I used a different Dove commercial. This second commercial vividly shows one reason for this faulty perception. If your readers haven’t seen this, they should.

    Women look at images of supermodels and actresses and feel inadequate. But the images aren’t real and create unrealistic expectations about how women should look. In this commercial, which is lightning quick, a normal, even plain woman is transformed into a supermodel photo on a billboard by the use of a team of makeup, hair, etc. artists and photoshop.

    BTW my Gravatar is totally accurate. 🙂

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