4 responses to “SURVEY: Which area of your life has the biggest impact on your whole life?

  1. The biggest area of our life–relationships–is near-omnipotent, because it affects us in compounding, almost surreal ways.

    Girls like to talk to their girlfriends about the guys they meet. If a person you try to meet for financial reasons (i.e. a sale) knows someone that you harassed or abused (usually in an emotional way), and that person manages to talk to your target client about you, that could blow a sale.

    Other than that, would you agree, Jeff, that the thing that impacts us the most is “The thing we lack the most”? I.e. A person with a bank balance of $53 could probably benefit more from a few hundred dollars than from a kiss on the cheek (or sex, even).

  2. AARONDBELL: I think that relationships even trump “The thing that we lack the most.” Partly relationships with others, our relationship (or lack of it) with God and also our relationship with the things we do have.
    Are we grateful for what we have? Even if we only have $53 in the bank, that is enough to buy food for the day (granted not at a five star restaurant, but at least some good meals from a grocery store).
    I think we need to overcome our desire for “more” and feel grateful for our abundance, whichever area it is.
    I’ve found the only way to do that is to ask God to help me.

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