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  1. The meaning of life for me is not to let one day pass with no purpose, because once a day passes, it’s gone forever.

  2. I found the more we give of ourselves, the more comes back to us in the ways we need and were not even aware of it.

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    God will give us many gifts and it is up to us to use them. When we choose to share them and give of ourselves through them, He will bless us richly in our needs, dreams and desires.

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    People tell me I am supposed to do my job. Im a beauty therapist. Ive been told I have healing hands, magic hands and strong hands for my size… I love sharing my gift and healing people through reflexology and massage.
    So why is this on my writers blog?
    Because I want to muster the same effect in my readers.
    I want them to get lost in the book
    Enjoy it
    Cancel plans to stay in and read it
    Walk round the house doing housework with one hand n holding the book in the other.
    I want them to get benefit from my work as they do through a good pummeling massage 😉
    Or am I only allowed one gift to share and offer to the world?

  5. To be happy, and to make others happy. I think that it would be hard to do that without love and compassion; and that, in turn, would be difficult without feeling compassion for ourselves. Most self-help groups teach that we must first love ourselves, and for some that is a very difficult task! (Narcissists excluded, obviously)! I personally went through times in my life when I couldn’t stand myself. Love your blog!

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