Fear is liar!

Fear is liar!

Just because the voice is loud doesn’t mean its telling the truth! That is true for politics, debates, discussion and even our own inner voice! Fear will tell you to let your dreams stay dreams, to play it safe and to never leave your comfort zone. Or even worse, fear will tell you straight up that you are not good enough, smart enough, old enough, young enough, experienced enough or rich enough – to reach your goals and desires. Address that inner voice, don’t run from it. Tell you fear’s that you hear them loud and clear! Let your fears know that you are not scared and you are staying that way!

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17 responses to “Fear is liar!

  1. I agree with you. Fear is relative and has no more power other than what we choose to give it. Otherwise, we would all be afraid of the ‘same’ things — And, we are not.

  2. I live by the motto :’Do it afraid’ – meaning I won’t NOT do something because of fear, won’t let fear hold me back, I’ll do it anyway,

  3. I, like many others, spend time every day in fear.

    I wasn’t scared by the Internet or made to doubt myself by watching TV, the fear comes from inside.

    Maybe it is about time I start shouting back rather than accepting what I was hear.


  4. fear stole my dreams too often, but now i know i have little time and it is true freedom…im on a quest to meet those people i shied from and to let my true nature be…it going to get crazy…thank you so much for this post.
    when i go i will not be afraid.

  5. I’ve been realizing that the main cause of fear is lack of knowledge. The more learn abour the thing we fear the most, the less scary it becomes. If you think you’re not good enough, smart enough… then you don’t know enough about what it will take to acheive your dreams or you don’t know enough about your strength. Either way don’t ever give up.

  6. I have this image as the background of my Facebook page (before it was temporarily replaced with a photo of Jackie Robinson yesterday morning, of course). It is a mantra I love to live by and has perhaps inspired a new post of my own in the coming days. Thanks for the great post.

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