A life worth living is a life worth recording!


In this post, we discuss how keeping a journal increases focus, improves reflection, increases productivity, clarity and motivation, as well as promotes personal discovery. Keeping a journal is one of the best way to track your progress and your journey through life.

Have you ever considered journal writing? Is it for you? Do you have the time to do it? What exactly should go into a journal entry?

Simply put: a life worth living is a life worth recording! Throughout our day to day lives there is so much going on that it is impossible for us to accurately remember the highs, lows and average events of the day. When we write in our journal we are telling ourselves that our life is important, memorable and worth taking the time to reflect upon.  Journal writing can help us increase our daily focus, gain clarity on problems or concerns and increase our overall brain function. To not journal, is to tell yourself that what happens in your life is just not that important! And why would we want to send that message!

How often should you journal?

At least once a day. I do it twice a day – once in the morning and once in the night. The morning is a gratitude and goal oriented entry and for the evening I normally write about the events of the day, their meaning at the time and what I was able to accomplish. Journaling allows you to remain conscious of your goals and emotional state at all times!

Journal writing can be worked into our morning, mid day or evening rituals. And the entries can be about almost anything: concerns, problems, confusions, gratitude and joyous events.

Buy a journal that is worthy of holding your ideas and re-read your entries at the end of every week. You will be amazed with how much you learn about yourself, your life and your path. Enjoy!


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42 responses to “A life worth living is a life worth recording!

  1. This is great advice! I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 7years old and I can tell you it definitely helped shape who I am. Well done, this is a great piece.

  2. I have just bought a 1000 page book titled My Life, I intend to start writing about my life from my earliest memories to now, so wish that I had started to do this when I was younger.

  3. When I was younger I used to keep a journal. And I felt it helped get my thoughts together and also helped to remember certain incidences I would have forgotten otherwise. But it has been years since I ever wrote one, and I have been thinking about it because of the benefits you mention, but have just never committed.

    I guess it’s a matter of really dedicating some time each day to reflect. Thanks for this reminder, I sure hope I start!

  4. Two more benefits for me in addition to the ones you’ve identified are

    1. Re-reading the story of your life can be entertaining and validating. It refreshes me to read back every couple of years and see how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown, and how cute I was. Not only is it important to write it but it is valuable to read it.

    2. In writing things out something connects in the brain for me that takes me deeper into discovery than just thinking about it. A thought sits in my mind for a little while and then I move on. But writing it is paying attention to that thought, choosing words to express it, putting the action into writing the words, and can lead you to question it and look beyond it to deeper discovery. Some of my most life-changing decisions were made between the beginning and the end of a journal entry.

    I am a lover of journal writing and have been doing it since I was 12 years old. It has been a beautiful journey.

      • I have been journaling in Evernote and I love it! I only started in January, but I love being able to remember the lessons I have learned and recorded in my journal. If you run a blog it is also a really great way to develop your ideas!

    • I agree with you NIkki. Sometimes you get surprised on how your philosophies in life also evolve by re-reading your journals. And I think, it is one of the nicest gifts you can give to your grandchildren someday. 🙂

  5. another awesome post. I have learned to write journals when I realized that I could not rely always on my memory, and sometimes I forget important realizations I encounter each day, This post is both a great reminded and affirmation to the importance of journal.

  6. I have over 15 journals that I’ve kept since I was ten years old and I am so glad that I did! I love going back to re-read them and see how much I have grown and what God taught me during certain periods of my life. I have stopped consistently journaling for a few months now and this is just the reminder that I needed to start again. Thank you!

  7. Lovin’ your work, as always… I don’t journal as such but I am a writer so, er, I guess that means I do! I don’t ‘do’ discipline which works for me… I just wait for the words rather than make them up. I then write until exhausted 🙂

  8. Love this! I love journaling although I dont journal everyday. It’s something I’m getting into the habit of doing so that I can keep a better record of my prayers, goals, and aspirations. I recently read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and he talked about having a prayer journal to write out all of your prayers so you have something to go back to when God answers your prayers. I loved this idea!

  9. I’ve been keeping a journal since 2011. Whatever trival things were bothering me in 2011 aren’t anymore. It’s a great reflection piece and something that reminds us that this too shall pass.

  10. I have a 5 year question a day diary, it askes you one question each day and leaves enough room to write a few lines, you re use it for 5 years and compare the answers as you go…I only started this year but it should be interesting to read them all back in 5 years time 🙂

  11. nice post I can take from this directly because so far I have made this site my journal 🙂 Anything not documented can be lost in the future when i get old. Great to inspire others to log their life

  12. It amazes me that as I decide to journal I see this post… It is God Sent Thank You (Confirmation)!

  13. So inspiring post, thank you 🙂 I write in my journal since I was 15 years old and now I am 30. I always told to myself that I am writing so that I ca write a book one day and last year I have published 2 books and this year I will publish 2 more books for which I already have the draft…… I reread my past writing and I am amazed of how smart and strong I was some time and how dumm I could think some other time :))

  14. Truly inspiring! I’m working to keep focus on my physical activities, any learned skills or knowledge, my food intake and any dreams from the night before. My journal has helped motivate and guide me. Thanks so much for this post! A good read to keep me focused on continuing to stay in a positive routine with writing!

  15. Really wonderful advice. I love journaling because it helps you let go of mounting thoughts, both good and bad, that take space. It’s a practice of letting go and acquainting yourself with your own soul.

  16. Thanks for the reminder! It has been too long since I have done this! And thanks for the follow, you have some great, positive messages here that I really appreciate.

  17. I think this post is just what I needed to see. Even though I have blogged about the wonderful world of journaling I must say I have not written in mine in a loooooong time. In fact, I was even considering destroying it. But, I agree… A life worth living is really worth recording. Lovely post! 🙂

  18. Reblogged this on Keeping Company and commented:
    Attention and attentiveness are key qualities to a life that is spiritually in tune with what one yearns for, hungers and dreams about.

    In the words of Henri Nouwen:

    “As we simply sit down in front of a sheet of paper and start to express in words what is on our minds or in our hearts, new ideas emerge, ideas that can surprise us and lead us to inner places we hardly knew were there.
    One of the most satisfying aspects of writing is that it can open in us deep wells of hidden treasures that are beautiful for us as well as for others to see.”

    It’s a discipline that is therapeutic, creative and prayerful. It’s like setting yourself a course on a map, which you can look back on later, to see where you’ve been and how you’ve arrived at where you are. The journal is a time capsule of memories and hopefully, a source of joy, if not experience to say the least, experiences of a life given voice to in the penmanship on the page.

    Have a look at what this article has to say:

  19. This is an awesome post! I posted about this several days ago and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that believes in the practice of journal keeping:)

  20. Hi. This is so true… I recently started a journal and i can see how wonderful a habit it is to cultivate. As one writes, one’s truest feelings flow, at times things about oneself that the conscious mind wasn’t cognizant of either.


    j. 🙂

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