2 Ways to Relax Your Worry Muscle


If we do something over and over again, we get better at it. Just like developing a muscle. Worrying is no different. Except what makes worrying so unique, is that the more we do it – the weaker we become! In life we are constantly trying to cultivate what strengthens us and let go of what weakens us – because if it weakens us, it prevents us from living fully. So here are two ways to relax your worry muscle!

1. Ask yourself “What was I worrying about six months ago, 12 months ago, or 2 years ago?” Take some time…think about it. If you can’t come up with anything, remember that what you are worrying about now will have the same fate – it will be forgotten. Whether it’s financial issues, stress at the work place, starting a new venture, a relationship or resolving an issue from your past – in a short time you will have moved so far past your current worrisome state due to doing and living that it will be off your radar. Worrying produces stress and anxiety, not solutions. Remind yourself that, “this too shall pass!”

2. Most of the things we worry about never, ever, ever happen! Sometimes it’s good to look our worries and fears in the face and take the time to really think about the worst case scenario.  When we do so, what are the odds of that really happening? If we were giving advice to a friend who was in our scenario, would the worse case scenario still seem as probable? Or would we say, “Come on, be realistic that would never happen!” Like when people talk about their fear of flying for travel. Yes something negative is possible! However, research reports flying to be by far the safest way to travel and that you are more likely to get hit by lighting twice, than have something happen during a flight! Don’t let your imagination or catastrophic thinking take you away from your heart and into your head. Don’t let catastrophic thinking cloud your judgement and limit your experiences. Do the research, see what the odds are of your fears actually happening, then go back to living and loving your life!

“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”              -Benjamin Franklin

I hope this helps!!!

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  1. Excellent post! I’ve also found that sometimes I simply have to treat my mind like a toddler and distract and re-direct it when it starts worrying too much. All the logic in the world can’t explain to a 2 year old why they can’t play with knives, OR convince my mind it’s worrying needlessly, haha! 😉

    When my worry gets out of control I have to stop, shake my head and tell myself this is not helping, then force my mind to focus elsewhere. At night I’ve been especially successful. Before, I would lay there for hours worrying over everything until I finally decided to try guided meditation CD’s. Now, I listen to the voice and let it direct my thoughts instead and in no time I’m fast asleep. 🙂

    I love your blog! 🙂

    • Funny you bring up a toddler, because as I’m sure you know, we are at our happiest and most creative when we are in tune with our inner child- which never grows up! Sometimes we just choose to ignore her or him. I’m happy the guided meditations have worked, I use and love them as well!

  2. The worry habit is akin to the stress cycle. It is most likely the mental state that creates the physical one. First we have worry (mental thoughts) then we manifest it on a physical level–with cortisol, adrenaline, neuro-receptors, etc.
    I’ve been working with clients on weight management and see that the HABIT of worry is sometimes so strong that even when they have achieved their goals, they are “worried” that they still have a problem.

  3. I am in the process of letting go of my worry/fear. Finding that most of our actions are based on worry/fear, when we learn to let go of that worry, we see life through a new perspective, love. Thank you for the insight!

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  5. Worrying produces stress and anxiety, not solutions. Remind yourself that, “this too shall pass!” – Thank you for these words 🙂

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  8. Reblogged this on Grins & Jade and commented:
    Going through a divorce creates so many emotions…worry being one of the biggest, for me anyway. Seeing this post today served as a reminder to take it in bits, and not get overloaded. Think rationally and keep a clear head! Will focus on that today!

    Hugs and Smoochies…my goodness, it’s been a while since I closed with that!

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  10. I was voted most likely to die of stress by the age of 30 in high school. Not a very flattering thing. But I’m learning how to put my worries aside and just tell myself that things aren’t as important as they seem. Thanks for the post!

  11. Thanks for this! Worry was such a big part of my life for a long time! A part of me believed that if I worried, then I was “taking care of things.” I didn’t realize the huge cost, energetically, that it had for me. Unfortunately, knowing that it costs so much, and that whatever we are worrying about probably ultimately doesn’t matter is often not enough to stop! What really helped me was engaging energy, like Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique. But it also helps to have a physical reminder, such as switching the arm we wear our watch on, to draw our thoughts out of the “what ifs” and into the now!

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    As part of own Happiness Project, I’m trying to learn ways to better and more effectively deal with stress, as well as reducing its footprint in my life. This is a pretty go starting point.

  14. My favorite quote regarding worry is:
    “Worrying about what might happen is like paying interest on a debt you don’t even owe”

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog and bringing me to yours! I appreciate all of your insights–inspiring and so true. Thank you

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  17. Thanks for this excellent information! It’s just like physical exercise…when we do it consistently, we feel much better!

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