Good Thoughts for the Day – 2 Facts About Our Inner Monsters

Good Thoughts for the Day think positive quotes

Good Thoughts for the Day

Here Are the Good Thoughts for the Day!

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ was one of my favorite books as a child. And in agreement with this quote, as we grow older we realize that the wild things, or monsters, are no longer under our bed, or in our closest but they are actually much closer – inside of us. All of our ‘monsters’ and ‘demons’ vary in shapes, sizes and temperaments, but they all have a few things in common. This should be one of the good thoughts for the day.

But, let’s take a closer look!

1. They limit our experiences. They stop us from speaking publicly, or starting conversations, or walking away from people knowing that we left our best possible impression or even saying yes to opportunities that are different but valuable. We can never fully eradicate our monsters, but we can acknowledge them and then move forward. Isn’t it interesting how when we are a child we fear monsters, demons, and ghosts – which are all external. As we get older our monsters move inside morphed into insecurities, fear and worry. What remains the same is that for the most part they are all UNREAL!

2. They are cloaked in logic! “Be realistic”. “I will only believe it when I see it!”. “Your too old!” “Your too young!” “You don’t have enough money!” “I don’t have enough time!” All of these sayings make sense, to a certain degree. But anything will make sense if you repeat it in your mind enough times- since you will always look for evidence to make yourself ‘right’! However, when you are fully committed to a result you have no desire in being realistic and all of those sayings start to sound like limiting beliefs, excuses and an overall weak story. Faith and fear are both illogical. They both exist without evidence and live in the unknown. Which only will you choose.

Take the time to reflect and come to know the monsters within. Name them. Own them. And when they come up, which is usually during the time of decision making – put them in their proper place. Get out of your head and into your heart! These should be the good thoughts for the day, everyday!

One life!

One love!

Positive – Good Thoughts for the Day

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  1. Living up with your true self. Looking yourself in the mirror and admitting what are your faults and good or bad… society brings out these inner monsters that we claim to be nonexistent or vague. This story brings out a good point about God’s transformation, healing and liberation of all that is disruptive for your spiritual growth Thank you for this emphasis and describing it within a common situation in our daily life. .

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  3. I also loved this book as a child and still read it, but now to my own. Your posts, in the short time I’ve been introduced to them, always resonate within. Thank You!

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