The best advice I’ve received from my parents

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I have been absolutely blessed to be raised by two healthy & loving parents who continuously gave me advice, insight and wisdom – especially when I needed it most I am incredibly thankful for that!

My mother was a teacher and my father an artist. I have received innumerable tips, but today I will focus on just three – in no particular order.

1. Be a life-long learner. Learning doesn’t start or stop in the classroom, it is a continuous journey. Learn as much as you can. Apply what you know. Share what you’ve learned to help others. (From my mother)

2. To thine own-self be true. Always go with what your heart says to do. Do what makes you happy. Live your life and not the life of others. Don’t be afraid to forge your own path. (From my father)

3. Always believe in yourself. Confidence is key. Work hard. Listen. Learn. Grow. Believe. (From my father)

These 3 pieces of advice have had a tremendous impact in all areas of my life; personally, professional, etc. If you are able to put one of these three ideas into action you will be fine. If you can put all three into action, you will be a force. Be a force!

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  3. Hi Jeff.. Great post. Thanks for following my blog, yours is the only one I’ve followed so far. I love your enthusiasm, your lust for life and your positive mental attitude… We share many philosophies it seems. Daily messages of positivity, motivation and dream realisation are exactly what I want to see.. Keep up the great work my friend, you rock .

  4. These are great and powerful words of wisdom! Glad that you could summarize them so well. I happen to “babble” too much when I write but enjoyed this very much!

  5. The older I get, the more I realize that the best advice I’ve gotten in my life has almost all been from my parents. They were wise indeed.

  6. Awesome wisdoms. Great that your parents supported you to be an agent of change. All the best

  7. Life does not always give you parents to teach you these needed lessons…but it does put teachers in place so you do learn them eventually. I have learned to let go the pain of them not being taught by those who should have taught them and embraced the lessons themselves and those who taught them to me. Life is good indeed. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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