2 Reasons Why People Don’t Takes Risks

In this post, we explore two reasons why people limit themselves, fail to take leap of faith and leave their comfort zone. Our success, happiness, gratitude and contribution come from our ability to grow and expand. We cannot live our most fulfilling life if we do not take any risks.


If we don’t take risks we don’t grow. If we don’t grow we can never be at our best. And if we cannot show the world our best, we cannot be happy. True happiness is when we can show the world the best of ourselves on a daily basis.

Live large! Life is easy when we play small. It is easy to do what everyone around you is doing. Playing it safe, staying in a box – you have heard the clichés. When we do not become our dreams, we actually get smaller.  Moreover, it is much more meaningful and difficult to live the large life we are destined to have. If we do not live out our dreams the whole world suffers – since each of us have something amazing to offer the world. Love it. Live it. Give it.

So why can’t we do it? Why can’t we take the leap? Why can’t we rediscover who we always were and always meant to be? Why can’t we take the risk to shed the layers? Why can’t take the risk to change careers? Or to fall in love? Or to live in a foreign land? Or to start the business, non-profit or enterprise of our dreams?

In my relatively young years I have been blessed to have depth of experiences, including working with thousands of kids and hundreds of adults, as well as constantly reflecting on my own life and growth. When we boil it down, kids and adults alike, don’t take the risk to go after our dreams and our highest, largest life because of two mains reasons.

Reason 1: Simply put, we don’t think we are good enough. We have spent too much time listening to our own doubts and the doubts of others. We have spent too much time focusing on the obstacles than the goal. We have spent too much time judging, evaluating and attempting to control, that we cannot get out our own head, out of our own way and we have forgotten that we are great enough to make it happen with passion, persistence & faith. Believe.

Reason 2: We do not think we will be loved the same way, or loved enough. We are afraid that by making certain decisions we will lose the approval of the people closest to us.  We grow up looking for approval, from parents, teachers and friends. We grow up looking for the pat on the back, then as adults we do the same thing in the work place. We can become people pleasers and loose our sense of purpose in the process. We think that if we do certain things our family, friends, coworkers will become disconnected or even think we are crazy. Yes that might happen, especially initially. A small number of family and friends might not understand or even think you are crazy, weird, and out there – AND THATS OK! More people will be inspired. More people will be inspired by your ability to make such a big decision. They will be inspired by your passion, fortitude, confidence and belief and you might even spark an awaking within some of the people closest to you. They will be inspired by you taking a risk and forging your own path. Live your life as an example of someone who not settle for less than what they are!

Your life is your message, make it an inspiring one! -Gandhi

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  1. I realized what you are describing here only late in my life. No matter what, I’m glad I did now. This is what made me start my Millions of Stories project. Great post, thanks for this!

  2. I think that biologically humans are built to survive and not necessarily thrive. Because of that if we already have food, shelter, etc we’re afraid of change on a subconscious level. Therefore if you want to be successful you need to make a conscious commitment to face change.

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  5. Hi Jeff, this post speaks to what the phase I’m living in now. I took the risk because I had finally hit that point where I felt that if I kept quiet any longer, I would miss that opportunity forever. I dared to take that first step, and almost immediately, my life started changing for the better around me. It’s not an easy road, but all it takes is that one step! 🙂

    • As you said, it’s one step at a time and having faith and confidence! I am very happy to hear that it is working out and make sure you make time to enjoy the journey!!! It’s going to make for a great story when it’s all said and done!! Thank you!!!

  6. People don’t like change. People like to stay in their mindset and think in the same ways they always did. I have found it extremely difficult to get people to change. They have to really want it themselves and only then they have the will to surpass the fear of failure and the fear of rejection. The outcome has to exceed the risks for most people, but often they don’t know what the benefits are.
    I think that is another reason why people don’t take risks, in my opinion. Because they don’t know what they could be or achieve, they don’t have all the information. Would you agree on that?

  7. Thank you for posting this excellent information! I know I am sometimes guilty of both reasons you mention. All it does is hold me back and prevent me from being who I’m supposed to be. When we know that with God we are always good enough, we can press ahead towards our goals. Any consequences with people or things will take care of themselves : )

  8. It’s not always easy to live in the light of “not being loved” – or even liked for that matter. Being “ok” with it gives us the strength to keep walking it out. Keep pressing on, and thanks for following KM!

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  10. Super thanks for this post 🙂 Giving chances for Risk is one of the value that i should learn,, this posting encourage me to do so ! i like the quotes from Gandhi, what a sweet closure ..

  11. Yes I completely agree with this! I was letting the fear of not being good enough stop me from following my dreams and taking action on ideas. But I have finally started to not let that negative attitude dictate my life, and so far it’s going well! I feel a lot more happy and positive than when I wanted to do things but didn’t even try

  12. Right on and so well said. Each of us can bring something unique out of our own experience even if it’s the same message given by many others. We are so afraid of rejection. And we are more afraid of our light than our darkness as Martin Luther King said.

  13. Thanks for not glossing over the real possibility of loosing some people in our lives may occur when we go for the gold and take risks. The initial loss can be earth shattering…but the loss will be made up for in the end. People need to know this is true…and not just a myth. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. 🙂

  14. Thanks for liking my blog! I love this post. It’s something I needed to read right now. I love blogs that uplift and inspire. I’ll be reading through the rest of your blogs. 🙂

  15. Great post! It’s true we are all afraid of what someone might think of us or the feeling of not being enough. We all have some sore of fear with taking risks for sure!

  16. Jeff,
    I agree with your reasoning of why we don’t be who we were meant to be. I am starting to climb out of that box. It is tough; but I know it will be worth it for me, and all those lives that my kindness and caring will touch. Thank you

  17. Thanks for liking my blog.. Fear of failure is one thing that stops people progressing.. We must always try however difficult it may seem … Thanks for your inspiring blogs .. Helen

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  19. I agree with your blog and thank you for posting! What I’m curious about is how you feel about the fear of failure? If we do not try something new, then we cannot fail at it. I think this plays into what you are saying about not feeling good enough and attempts to control every aspect of your life. Thoughts????

    • One of the reasons we don’t risks, as you said, is because of failure. I think it’s highly important to not see failure as an automatically negative event. I think it’s even better to not see it as failure at all, as only feedback, or a result. We learn from it, grow from it and adjust from it – which all sound like good things to me, and well worth the risk!

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