3 Reasons Why Monday Should Be Your Favorite Day of the Week!


This post empowers readers to transform Monday from a day of dread to a day that separates them from the pack. Someone who has the ability to stay inspired, motivated and productive on a Monday, will be light years ahead of the pack, both professionally and personally.

Does the word Monday scare you? Do you feel tired, just by hearing its name? Good news – you are not alone! Better news – with a different focus, Monday can quickly turn into your favorite day of the week! Here are three reasons why!

1.Well before the workday starts on Monday morning, we have the perfect time to set our goals for the week. Setting goals will energize us and drive us to  perform at high levels – even if we don’t reach every goal. Instead of our focus being on the end of a weekend- by setting goals and creating a vision for the week, we are committing to a week full of accomplishments and contributions!

2. Everybody else hates Monday. Everybody! When you show up to your workplace, energized, optimistic and in a ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ state of mind –  you will surely gain the respect and admiration of everyone in your organization. Yes, your positivity might irritate some, and a couple will even be downright annoyed. But generally speaking, you will inspire your coworkers to step their game up, not just on Monday but every day.

3. Once your Monday gets started, it’s basically over! You are just coming off your weekend, back to work, back to a new week and a new day. If you allow it, Monday has the potential to move the fastest out of all the days in the week! But you don’t want Monday to just move fast, you want it to mean something! Stop dreading it, embrace it, accept it, love it – and remember that you are 1 day closer to reaching whatever goal you just set.

Let me know if this helps!!

All the best,


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  1. Mondays are beginnings and as Plato said in The Republic:

    “The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

    All those returning to work today, have a great beginning!

  2. Mondays (and in this case, Tuesdays) are beginnings and as Plato said in The Republic: “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Happy Tuesday to everyone and to all returning to work today as a new beginning to the work-week.

    • Happy 2013! I’m excited to get back into bgogling this year, and to start reading yours again. I’m simply loving all of the great quotes you’ve collected, and have a particular soft spot for the Liz Taylor one. I may have to start telling myself that more often!

  3. I love Monday, kids go to school, I can get the week in order, and get some organisation done for the rest of the week, it is my most focussed and productive day of the week.

  4. What I do when I get to work on Monday is start telling everybody…Only 4 sleeps till Friday (which I get some pretty strange looks for) but some actually perk up with that crazy idea! Thanks for keeping us pumped Jeff!! Have a fantastic week!!

  5. Ok, but not everybody are self employed, so job related goals might not be up to them to get set. In that case I’d rather focus on personal goals. When I was ino full time job in corporation I didn’t get to make any decisions, so I didn’t bother to even think of work as a goal at all. Instead I planned carefully my own private way of development. After a while (totally useless time in my FT job) I gave it up for my own good (financial and psychological).

    • Personal and professional goals are for all, not just the self employed. We might not control our duties but thankfully we have the power to control how we do them, what systems we have set up to do them and what kind of enthusiasm we bring to them. Our personal goals are just as important to make sure that our day does not solely revolve around work and tasks and that we have an appropriate dose of ‘me’ time.

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  8. Thank you for this great inspiration! Yeah, turning Mondays into something lovable.
    Thanks for liking my blog.

  9. I have to admit, when I was working full time, Monday was my least favorite day of the week, but I totally agree with you that it is a great time focus on the goals of the week, make your todo list AND get energized about work. It can be a day full of positivity and potential. I sure wouldn’t expect everyone in the office to share this enthusiasm though. 🙂
    At times when I am not working, I enjoy Mondays, it is truly a day to think about the week ahead and focus on the short term goals that will lead to getting those big jobs completed.
    Have a great week!

  10. I heard Stormy Monday, an old jazz classic, on the radio a couple of weeks ago and it made me laugh (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVR8lg1YLuc).

    The song says not to pick on Mondays because every day is equally miserable except Friday & Saturday – then of course Sunday prayer to make up for the previous days’ indiscretions.

    Who wants to spend 5 of every 7 days dragging the chain?

    I like the idea of Monday mornings being a goal setting time.

  11. Jeff, What a great post! Nothing gets on my nerves more (and it takes a lot to really get on my nerves) is on a Monday, if I ask someone how they are doing and they respond back with “Ok, for a Monday.” Some people can be so negative! When they should be embracing the fact they are alive come Monday morning! Each day is a chance to do better than the day or week before, your perfect opportunity for a do over…
    I agree, your day or week is what you make it to be.

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  13. I LOVE Monday!

    It is the day after I have had two glorious days off spent either with friends, family or with myself. How could I not LOVE Monday???

    I have always loved Monday, it is my favourite day of the week.

    Thanks for re-validating my love for Monday.

    Until tomorrow ~ Live Life, Love Life,

  14. But I also love Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!


    But I have a special affinity with Monday. We’re in love.

  15. Mondays are my favorite too. It is like a clean slate. While there may be a lot to do, we are rested and have another chance to improve everything around us. A new beginning.

  16. Thanks for sharing this. Always amazed me so many people hated and wished away Mondays. We are given so little time as it is to make a positive impact on the world…why wish any of it away. 🙂 I shared this with my Facebook friends in hopes of fighting off the Monday bashing that should be happening soon. 🙂

  17. Great post! I love Mondays because you have the whole week ahead of you to get something done. If others hate Mondays, maybe they should look for something else to do that they really enjoy.

  18. Just this morning I hated getting up. When I arrived at work I immediately started. The day went by amazingly fast. I realized if I don’t stop to be bothered by monday it won’t annoy me, too.

  19. I always enjoy Monday. For one thing, I don’t go to the gym on the weekends, so I look forward to my workout, and many other blessings of the day. And thank you for following today . . . it’s a Monday! Pat

  20. I’ve always hated Monday’s ever since i can remember… i will try to focus on the positive side of things… Thanks for sharing…

  21. I like Mondays too! I love weekends for excursions, social events etc but by Monday I’m ready for a break from all that and ready to get doing.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog so that I could find inspiration here.
    🙂 Helen

  22. Reblogged this on Wholeheartedness and commented:
    I love Mondays!!! I’m done working on our hobby farm and I get to go back to something I’m really good at. I have a supercomputer with a blazing internet connection and I am in my element. TGIM!!!

  23. Great to point this out… it’s too easy to overlook this day’s benefits and get stuck in the typical Monday stigma. I’ve found Monday to be a great day to put things you want to look forward to. For instance, I’ve been successfully losing weight, so I’ve made Monday my weigh-in day to help motivate me for the next week. And I’ve decided to start posting to my blog on Mondays now too!

  24. Great perspective on Monday. I think every week I will now post a small set of goals I want to accomplish. Great idea and keep up the good work.

  25. I really enjoyed this post! I am someone who despises Mondays! im normally always miserable at the beginning of the week so this was really nice to read. Thank you by the way for following my blog, and as you saw i am currently trying to create a ‘project positivity’ on myself so seeing this was helpful. I think next Monday I am going to start by setting out a list of goals for that week! 🙂 x

  26. I do dread Mondays, BUT I have trained my mind to always start with positive affirmations before I allow any other thoughts to flood in. It took months to train my brain, but it is paying off. So each day when I say my positive affirmations in my mind, I find that my working day & week flies by!
    Cool post!

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