It’s your life…OWN IT!

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The best thing to take is…RESPONSIBILITY of your life. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I know many of you just had flashbacks of one of your parents lectures. I know the word responsibility just sounds so limiting and heavy. But let’s take a closer, more empowering look.

Be able to respond! Be able to respond to the demands of life and the demands you have for yourself! That’s responsibility! Whatever you have done, positive or negative, own it.

Be real with yourself. If you are not where you want to be in regard to you relationships, employment, family, healthy and finances be real with yourself. What have you done to cause this?

Own it!

Then forgive yourself!

Whatever you do, do not: blame your boss, the economy, your childhood, or anyone else or anything else! As soon as you do that, you have no power, you have given it all away to your problems. Clearly, all of those listed are influential factors, but they are not the DETERMINING FACTOR, YOU ARE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE. Let that empower you!

They say, you can tell the height of building based on the size of the hole that was dug into the ground. So have no fear if you have dug a hole that might feel insurmountable, let it be your unshakable foundation.

Let the idea of fully owning your life empower you. Forgive yourself for  the bridges you have burned, opportunities you missed or did not take and the missteps along the way. We all have them. We will all continue to have them. Forgive yourself, move on and grow from it.

Your ability to respond will determine the course of your life. Will your life be out of control and one of constant reaction. Or will you take life full on and respond how YOU WANT TO RESPOND. This is your ONE and only life, we can’t buy a new if it’s broken. Live it on your terms. OWN IT!

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown

Give love always!

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57 responses to “It’s your life…OWN IT!

  1. Thanks for the like & the follow!

    You have some great content on yours. I am looking forward to some further reading 🙂


  2. Fantastic! I believe in taking a 100% responsibility for your life. True, you are not responsible for all that happens to you but you have a choice in deciding how you’ll react and how you’d let it affect you. What I find is that whatever circumstances you feel hinder you, someone else has had the same circumstances and succeeded in spite of them, it means therefore that the problem is not the circumstances themselves! Thank you for sharing this and for stopping by my blog and liking the post on Perspective.

  3. Very inspiring, I luv ur blog. The idea of accepting responsibility for your life is both sobering and empowering 🙂

  4. Hey, good advice. No event is , by itself, a negative experience – it’s how you respond to it, and what you learn from it, that counts

  5. You must have had me in mind when you wrote this! Laughter! I have beaten myself up for the past couple of months for missed opportunities. Wow! Moving! And very powerful words! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. the line about not blaming anyone or anything else, I think you need to also be real about how others “helped” put you in the situation, if that did indeed happen. If you do not accept that you may repeat the mistake. As a whole i loved the positive “can do, will do” feel to this and the idea of taking responsibility for things. Your mood is your responsibility, and until you can change that for yourself, you will be forever in dept to others, well written.

  7. very inspirational blog. self improvement tools are the most needed nowadays… we just do not have time to think for ourselves and it seems that we need some help along the way. your blog is certainly such a tool. congratulations and keep up the good work!!!

  8. Your work here is simply astounding! I am sharing one of my beliefs with you: There is nothing I can’t do; there are simply things I’ve yet to learn. I believe we have like minds in positive thinking; however, you’re ability to write far exceeds my capabilities…I consider myself a work in progress. Wishing you continued inspiration, so that you may continue to inspire others.

  9. They say, you can tell the height of building based on the size of the hole that was dug into the ground. So have no fear if you have dug a hole that might feel insurmountable, let it be your unshakable foundation.
    That part is so true! very useful wisdom and inspiring, keep up the great work I really enjoy alot of your posts.

  10. An essential point truly in the road of personal development.

    Also a useful side-effect of taking responsibility – respect of others.

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