Frame-able Quote Art #1


I am going to start a new series of posts called ‘Frame-able Quote Art’ for people like me who not only love quote art images, but are willing to print them out, frame em’ and then hang em’ up. My home is surrounded by images of people I love, places I’ve been and quotes that speak to my spirit. I believe it all builds inner strength and I also believe our homes should be an oasis of inner strength. Think about how much better the start and end of our day would be if we were surrounded by uplifting visuals. Since the mind thinks in visuals, for me, it has been highly effective.

13 responses to “Frame-able Quote Art #1

  1. Judging from earlier posts on your blog, I better go buy a BUNCH of paper!
    In all seriousness, your posts really helped in my healing last week after the marathon – thank you!
    xo reversecommuter

    • That is truly amazing and thank you for sharing that! That is exactly the reason why I do what I do! How is the healing process going? Congrats for being a marathon runner which is a truly amazing feat in and of itself!!!

      • Happily I can say “what a difference a week makes” – still sensitive but surrounded by love and we are all safe…cannot ask for anything else!
        (except those last 3 miles – which I will get next year!!!!)

  2. Here’s one of my (menopausal) favorites. The original was probably put out by a HRT drug company: a picture of a black cat, hair standing on end, body curved toward the reader, with the statement: I’m out of estrogen and have a hand gun. Any questions?

  3. Love this and it is a quote I use often. Just a suggestion: Could you please add a Google+ share button? That would help you to reach a wider audience and help me to spread the word about your blog to my audience.

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