Be Your Own Hero!


We all love a hero. Whether it is in the movies with extraordinary powers or on the news tshowing how everyday people can and will do extraordinary things.

Maybe, it’s because of the romantic idea of some external forces coming to help us, save us and carry us towards safety and the lives of our dreams.

I was once told that if we wish to see something that is not there, we must BE IT. When we be it, it now exists. We when BE IT, we make our wishes real – our thoughts become real things. Powerful stuff.

Stop looking for it, and be it.

Don’t look for love. Be more loving.

Don’t ask for more patience. Practice being calm.

Don’t ask for more power. Do what strong people do; workout, exercise, read, write, and express.

Don’t ask for less stress. Be able to let go.

Don’t look for greater humanity. Be more compassionate, charitable and tolerant.

Don’t look at only your flaws. Be thankful for your strengths.

Don’t give away all of your power, determination, focus and dreams. Believe.

Don’t look for anything outside of you. Realize that you are so strong and so blessed already, that you need no one or no thing to be different for you to be happy and successful.

Be your own hero.

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  1. Taking responsibility for our behavior rather than focusing on others is empowering. I have a vision board over my desk that says “I always have more than enough of what I want or need.” And most days, I really feel that way…

  2. This has greatly inspired me. Thank you for making us believe what we have forgotten we were. Re blogging this on my blog.

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    Hello everyone – I thought this blog was appropriate in light of all that has happened in Boston this week. At the end of the day, we all are at risk for the terrible things that happened during the marathon. Unfortunately, we cannot control those events from happening less we lock ourselves in a closet. I don’t want to live that way and I am sure you don’t want to either. We need more tolerance, charity, patience, love, and heroes in this world. It starts with all of us. The victims and the families of the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, and so many more tragedies that we hear about everyday need more heroes not only to support them in their time of crisis, but also to guide them, get them back on their feet, and to show them how to become heroes for others in the future. I think we would all live a better life if we lived in a society of heroes, don’t you think? – Steve

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  5. Thanks for this! It’s something I’m always trying to do, though always struggling with! How are you doing with this lesson?

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