3 Things I Learned from Flipping Over a 750lb Tire!


I have dedicated this year to taking my fitness to a lifetime high and I am having a great time in doing so! While working my amazing Strength Coach, I have been exposed to wide range of full body exercises. One of them – my favorite…is tire flipping!

This exercise is pretty straight forward. The tire is one it’s side and you have to stand it up and then push it over, and then repeat – over and over and over again! This is extremely intense on your legs, shoulders, lower and upper back, abs…everything! I love it. When I started, I was flipping over the 450lb tire, now I have graduated to the 750lb!

It sounds unreal, but oddly enough it is extremely possible – for anyone! While learning how to lift this humongous and intimidating tire I had multiple epiphanies just fire off while I was mid lift. I will do my best to document it here.

3 things I learned from flipping over a 750lb tire:

1. Get right up on it! You can’t lift or do anything with the  tire from a distance or even from close range  – you have to be right up on it, YOU HAVE TO BE ALL IN! Even if you have the right form, technique and attitude; if you are not all in, if you are not fully committed – you are going to come up short. I realized that the closer I was to the tire the easier it was to lift, I realized that when I was my most stressed at work was when I learned the most about meditation, saunas and yoga – I realized that the closer I was to the problem, the closer I was to the solution.

2. Don’t panic! Ever! So, when you initially lift the tire of the ground and you are trying to get it past your knee (so you can then use your knee to drive it into the tire to keep the momentum going forward and up), it can be very east to panic. For a split second, or more,  you have 750lbs on your thigh area and it is extremely uncomfortable, EXTREMELY! If you panic the tire is going nowhere but probably down and slamming on your feet! However, if you stay calm and follow the instructions you will fight through it and somehow be able to push it over. I realized that when I panicked, it was over before it even got started and when I didn’t panic, I fought a good fight and somehow found a way to prevail. I realized that being and feeling uncomfortable is not the end of the world and that it is actually very empowering to become comfortable in  uncomfortable situations. And having a 750lb tire leaning on your thighs is one of the most uncomfortable situations I have been put in! Don’t panic, instead trust in your training, experience and knowledge and always believe that you are stronger and better than you think! Keep pushing!

3. Let your inner voice encourage you, LOUDLY & RELENTLESSLY! My inner voice was the loudest it has ever been. While I was walking up to the tire I kept saying, “I can do this”, I can really do this”, “I am going to this!” I was saying this louder and louder and louder as I got closer! I was conditioning myself to believe it! While I was flipping the tire the voice got much quieter and my “OH SH!T!” voice began to take over! As soon as that happened, my brain wanted to panic and my flight or fight response was saying run! At that point, I reclaimed control of my inner voice, (which was easy due to what I saying while approaching the tire) and went back to the loop of “I CAN DO THIS! IT’S ALREADY DONE!” I realized that our voice of doubt is always present and that’s fine; however, we must make a conscious effort to silence and drive it out with our most empowering one.

I took clear control of my thoughts, voice, concentration and power and flipped the tire 10 times.

It was a personal best and my body and mind have never felt stronger! What a day!

Special thanks to Joey Kopito of Gridiron Inc., for another mentally and physically challenging session. Thank you for bringing the best out of me!

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  1. Fantastic post! I usually get most of my life epiphanies when I am exercising! This is a great blog and I am so glad you visited mine! Thank you!!!

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  3. I guess accomplishing feats of physical strength fire off mental triggers. Similarly, getting past mental blocks preps you to achieve physical milestones. Keep pushing against your boundaries, and your fears.

  4. I really enjoyed this post and can relate. I belonged to a local Crossfit gym for 2 years, kudos on the 750lb tire flip!!
    It will be a year in May since I have been to the gym, my self-esteem reflects it too!! It’s a tough sport but you are bang on with the benefits not only for the body and so much more for the mind! Your blog is an inspiration and has given me some food for thought today. Enjoy your day.

  5. Fantastic – wanna come work out at my place? First you take a mid-size tire, then you fill it with dirt, then you stamp in the dirt with an 80-pound lead tamper – after doing this 300 times, you have a perimeter fence that you can grow veggies on the top of…


  6. When I saw this in my reader I almost thought, there isn’t anything in that article for me, but I read because I follow in faith as much as interest sometimes and I’m glad in this case I did. You said things that made sense to me, like about committing wholeheartedly and not backing down in the middle of that commitment, and the part about the pep talking while in the throws of perceivable siqushment, I can imagin how vital it probably was not to give into doubt at that moment. These things you talked about don’t refelct my life. I’m not in physical training for anything, however, your words rang true with me because I need to be wholehearted and I need to believe in myself more and I surely could learn not to panic all the time! I’m glad I stopped, and I am thankful for your share. Good job on the training too. Much thanks -Hazel

  7. What a champion! I Can see the effort on your face in this photo! I hope you keep this going for the many years to come! well done!

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  9. Amazing example of mind over matter! I always feel more in control of everything when I’m at the gym. It’s incredible what the body can do when the mind believes! Love it! Thanks!

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